Lesson 4: Conversation


Ramon meets Jose at Jose's house and inquires whether he's up. Jose assures him he is and has already had his breakfast. Ramon asks whether Jose's older brother is also awake, to which Jose replies no and suggests that they waken him. As they draw near the hammock to wak him up, Ramon suggests he's not sleeping but just pretending (playing). Jose agrees that he has woken up already and suggests they bring the atole.


Alberto meets Pedro in the milpa and ask where his father is. Pedro says he's not there, he's gone to the square. Alberto asks if he's going to return. Pedro says he's supposed to bring his cousin here, but they have to work in the milpa. Alberto asks Pedro whether he likes the work of the milpa. Pedro says he doesn't like it very much, it's very difficult. Pedro asks Alberto whether he's burning yet. Alberto replies he's still clearing ground.


Pablo meets David. They exchange greetings. Then David asks where Pablo is going. Pablo replies that he's going to work in his milpa, that he's to burn tomorrow. David is surprised and asks if he has already cleared his milpa. Pablo says yes. He says his father is planting his milpa. He had already burned it [off]. David expresses surprise. They take leave of each other.