Lesson 16: Conversation


Marcelino meets José and asks him what happened that he got back so soon. José says his back is very tired. Marcelino asks if he has a fever, too. José says he doesn't, but that his stomach hurts. Marcelino says he'd better go to the doctor right away. José says he'd like to go, that that he has difficulty walking. Marcelino says he'll take him to the doctor. José says fine. Marcelino tells him that if he can't walk, he'll give him his horse, because it is a little far. José says no--he can walk. Marcelino says it's about a league. José says they'd better go right away because it might rain all of a sudden. Marcelino says he's right.


José says to Marcelino--my friend, I'm tired. Marcelino says that they're almost there. José asks how far it is, still, more or less. Marcelino says it's about half a league. José says they'd better rest a while. Marcelino agrees and says that besides it's beginning to rain. José suggests that they sit down beneath a tree--when the rain has passed, they can go on. Marcelino says fine--let's sit down and rest a while. In a little while, Marcelino tells his friend to get up--it's stopped raining and they can go on. José asks whether he doesn't feel cold. Marcelino says no--he'd better get up. After they've walked a little farther, Marcelino says to José--there's the doctor's house. José says he hopes the doctor's there.


The doctor asks José what ails him. José says he doesn't know. The doctor asks him what it is that he feels, what has happened to him. José says his stomach hurts, and his back, too--and that a half an hour ago his nose bled. The doctor asks him it if bled much on the way. José says not much. The doctor asks him how long it's been since his stomach's been hurting him. José says that it's been almost three hours. The doctor says he's going to give him and injection and that with that it'll go away. José asks the doctor if he should come back. They doctor says yes--he should come back tomorrow. José asks at what time he want him to come. The doctor says any time--he's always there. José says all right--at about twelve o'clock. The doctor says fine--tomorrow at twelve o'clock.