Lesson 15: Conversation


Hernán meets Don José and asks him at what time he went to bed last night. Don José says it was already very late when he went to sleep. Hernán asks him what time it was, more or less. Don José says it was about 12 o'clock. Hernán says he hasn't rested all day long. Don José says that if he lay down now he wouldn't sleep. Hernán says that if he were in his hammock he would sleep. Don José asks what time Pablo is arriving. Hernán says that Pablo has already gone, but that he was standing here when he (Hernán) arrived. Don José asks Hernán what Pablo went home for. Hernán says that he probably went home to lie down to sleep in his hammock.


Pablo asks his friends what time they're going out serenading. Hernán says at twelve o'clock sharp. Pablo asks him why twelve--that's very late! Hernán says that at that hour the girls are sleeping well. Pablo says that's true--to whose house shall they go first? Hernán thinks it would be well if they were to go to Margarita's house first. Pablo says that sounds fine--it's close by. Hernán remarks that Alberto is coming along, too, but that right now he feels very tired Alberto comes up and says that he feels very tired, too--why don't they wait until tomorrow? Pablo says fine--tomorrow at the same time. Hernán says his feet are tired and takes his leave. Pablo says slee?p well, bids Alberto good-bye, and leaves, too. Alberto says good-night all, crosses the street to his house, and stretches out in his hammock.


Alberto tells Hernán that his (Alberto's) younger brother saw him arrive last night about eight o'clock. Hernán says sometimes he gets home at eight, sometimes at twelve. Alberto asks Hernán where he works. Hernán says that he works in a store. Alberto says to Hernán that in reality, then, he's a clerk in a store. Hernán says yes, that's true--for the moment he's a clerk--they called him to work only a week ago. Alberto says that's why he feels tired--his hours of work are late. Hernán says that's true and asks Alberto when he is coming to visit him at the store. Alberto says that if he'll give him some sweets for this children he'll go. Hernán says sure he'll give them some---bring them along! Alberto asks Hernán when he should come. Hernán says at whatever hour is good for them.