Lesson 18: Basic Sentences

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1 José Hi, Don Marcelino! Whatʾs new? Hola Don Marcelino, baʾax ku máan u kʾiin.
Hola Don Marcelino, ba'ax ku máan u k'iin.
Ólaj don marcelino, ba'ax ku máan u k'ìin.
2 Marcelino Well, as a matter of fact, Don José, I came to tell you to come and see my father. Pues tóojkabileʾ Don José, j taalen in waʾal teech ka talakech a wil in papa.
Pues tóojkabile' Don José, j taalen in wa'al teech ka'aj talakech a wil in papa.
Pwes tóojkabile don josej, j taalen in wa'al tech ká talakech a wil im papaj.
3 Marcelino Itʾs two days since he took really sick. Yaan kaʾa pʾéel kʾiin seen kʾojaʾachajak.
Yaan ka'a p'éel k'iin seen k'oja'achajak.
Yan ká'a p'é k'ìin sèen k'oja'achajak.
4 José Hasnʾt your father gotten well, Marcelino? Maʾ wáa maʾalobchajak a papaoʾ, Marcelino.
Ma' wáa ma'alobchajak a papao', Marcelino.
Má wá ma'alobchajak a papajo, marselíno.
5 José Well, no. As I see it, heʾs getting worse. Pues, maʾ. Teneʾ in wilikeʾ tun peorchajal.
Pues, ma'. Tene' in wilike' táan u peorchajal.
Pwes, ma'. Tene 'in wilke túm péorchajal.
6 José Iʾll come to see him right away. Tell him. Beʾoorá kin taal in wilaʾ. Aʾal tiʾ.
Be'oorá kin taal in wila'A'al ti'.
Be'òorá kin tàal in wila'. A'al tí'.
7 Marcelino O.K. then, I guess Iʾll go. Jeʾeloʾ, paʾatik in bin.
Je'elo', pa'atik in bin.
Je'elo, pa'atik in bin.
8 José Here I am to see the grand [old] man... Jeʾ j taalen in wil le nojoch máakaʾ.
Je'el j taalen in wil le nojoch máaka'.
Jé j tàalen in wil e nojoch máaka'.
9 Marcelino You didnʾt take very long. Here he is. Maʾ jach xáanchajechiʾ. Jeʾe letiʾaʾ.
Ma' jach xáanchajechi'. Je'el leti'a'.
Ma' jach xáanchajechi'. Jé'e leti'a'.
10 José Good morning, Don Pedro. What happened to you? Do you recognize me? Do you know who I am? Buenos días, Don Pedro. Baʾax úuch teech. ¿A kʾajóolen? A wojel máaxen.
Buenos días, Don Pedro. Ba'ax úuch teech. ¿A k'ajóolen? A wojel máaxen.
Bwenos días, don pedroj. Ba'ax úuch tech. ¿'A k'ajóolen? 'A wojel máaxen.
11 Don Pedro Yes, I know. Really though, itʾs been a long time since Iʾve seen you, Don José. Jaaj, in wojel. Jach túun úuch in wilech Don José.
Jaaj, in wojel. Jach túun úuch in wilech Don José.
Jàaj, 'in wojel. Jach túun úuch in wilech don josej.
12 José Yes, it sure has. We havenʾt seen each other for a long time. Jaajiʾixtakoʾ. Úuch k il ba.
Jaaji'ixtako'. Úuch k il báaj.
Jàaji'ixtako'. 'Úuch k il báaj.
13 José Really, youʾve been sick for a long time, havenʾt you? Jach desde úuch kʾojaʾanchajakech, máasimaʾ.
Jach desde úuch k'oja'anchajakech, máasima'.
Jach destej úuch k'oja'anchajkech, máasima'.
14 José Just how long have you been sick here? Jach jay pʾéel kʾiin kʾojaʾanchajakech wayeʾ.
Jach jay p'éel k'iin k'oja'anchajakech waye'.
Jach jay p'é k'ìin k'oja'anchajkech waye'.
15 Don Pedro Well, brother, itʾs been quite a while. Pues, hermano, tsʾoʾok u yantal kʾiin.
Pues, hermano, ts'o'ok u yantal k'iin.
Pwes, 'ermánoj, ts'o'ok u yantal k'ìin.
16 Don Pedro I think itʾs been about two months [that] I havenʾt felt well. Míin yaan kex dos meses maʾ maʾalob in wuʾuyik in baiʾ.
Míin yaan kex dos meses ma' ma'alob in wu'uyik in bai'.
Míin yàan kex dòos meses má ma'alob in wu'uyk in bái'.
17 Don Pedro Iʾve been here since the month of September Desde u mesil septiembre yanaken wayeʾ.
Desde u mesil septiembre yanaken waye'.
Desdej u mèesil septyembrej yanaken waye'.
18 José Is there someone from whom you get medicine? Yaan wáa máax tiʾ ka chʾaʾik tsʾaak.
Yaan wáa máax ti' ka ch'a'ik ts'aak.
Yan wá máax ti' ka ch'áik ts'àak.
19 Don Pedro Not now, but Doña Margarita boiled me [some] herbs to drink... Bejlaʾeʾ maʾ, pero Doña Margarita tu chakaj teen xíiwoʾob in wukʾej.
Bejla'e ma', pero Doña Margarita tu chakaj teen xíiwo'ob in wuk'ej.
Bejla'e' ma', peroj donya máargarìitaj tu chakaj ten xíiwo'ob in wuk'ej.
20 José But you didnʾt get well with it? Pero maʾ utschajech yéeteliʾ.
Pero mautschajech yéeteli'.
Peroj ma' utschajech yéeteli'.
21 Don Pedro No, it didnʾt do me any good. Maʾa tech, mix un pʾéel uts tu beetaj teen.
Ma'a tech, mix un p'éel uts tu beetaj teen.
Má'a tech, mix um p'é 'uts tu bèetaj ten.
22 José It seems to me itʾs better for you to go to the hospital. Bey in wóol más maʾalob ka xiʾikech hospitaleʾ.
Bey in wóol más ma'alob ka'aj xi'ikech hospitale'.
Bey in wóol màas ma'alob ká xi'ikech 'ospitàale'.
23 Don Pedro Well, I have gone to the Doctor, but the cost there is very high. Pues, tsʾoʾok in bin doctor pero jach koʾoj u boʾolil le teʾeloʾ.
Pues, ts'o'ok in bin doctor pero jach ko'oj u bo'olil le te'elo'.
Pwes, ts'o'ok in bin doktòor peroj jach ko'oj 'u bo'olil le te'elo'.
24 José True, but if you want to recover, it has to cost you. Claro, pero wa a kʾáat utstaleʾ, yan u tojoltik teech.
Claro, pero wa a k'áat utstale', yan u tojoltik teech.
Klároj, peroj wá a k'áat utstale, yan u tojoltik tech.
25 José Have you been getting medicine for long from that woman? Xáanchaj wáa táan a chʾaʾik tsʾaak tiʾ le koʾoleloʾ.
Xáanchaj wáa táan a ch'a'ik ts'aak ti' le ko'olelo'.
Xáanchaj wá táan a ch'a'ik ts'àak tí' le ko'olelo'.
26 Don Pedro No, not for long, really only a few days. Maʾ, maʾ xáanchajiʾ, jach chéen tsʾeʾetsʾek kʾiin.
Ma', ma' xáanchaji', jach chéen ts'e'ets'ek k'iin.
Má', má' xáanchaji', jach chéen ts'e'ets'ej k'ìin.
27 José Well, do you want me to go and get medicine? ¿Bueno, a kʾáat ka xiʾiken in chʾaʾ tsʾaak?
¿Bueno, a k'áat ka'aj xi'iken in ch'a' ts'aak?
¿Bwenoj, 'a k'áat ká xi'iken in ch'á ts'àak?
28 Don Pedro If it happens to be possible, brother, thatʾs what I want... Wa úuchak u páajtaleʾ hermano le in kʾáatiʾ.
Wáa úuchak u páajtale' hermano le in k'áati'.
Wá 'úuchak u páajtale 'ermanoj le in k'áati'.
29 Marcelino He has really become ill, hasnʾt he? Tsʾoʾok u jach kʾojaʾantal, máasimaʾ.
Ts'o'ok u jach k'oja'antal, máasima'.
Ts'o'ok u jach k'oja'antal, máasima'.
30 José Yes, but I believe heʾll recover with the medicine Iʾm going to give to him. Tsʾoʾokij, pero in creertikeʾ jeʾ u yutstal yéetel le tsʾaak ken in tsʾa tiʾaʾ.
Ts'o'okij, pero in creertike' je'el u yutstal yéetel le ts'aak ken in ts'a ti'a'.
Ts'o'okij, pero in kréertike je' u yutstal y éetel le ts'aak ken in ts'á tí'a'.
31 Marcelino Sure, I think so. In tukulikeʾ jeʾeleʾ.
In tukulike' je'ele'.
'In tuklike' je'ele'.
32 Marcelino He told me that if he should get well, heʾll make janalicol. Tu tsikbaltaj teneʾ wáa ka utschajakeʾ ku beetik u jaanlil kool.
Tu tsikbaltaj tene' wáa ka'aj utschajake' ku beetik u jaanlil kool.
Tu tsikbaltaj tene' wá ká utschajake' ku bèetik u jàanli kòol.
33 José Well, Don Pedro, may you get well soon! Bueno, Don Pedro, ka séeb utschajakech.
Bueno, Don Pedro, ka'aj séeb utschajakech.
Bwenoj, don pedroj, ká séeb utschajkech.
1 José When were you born? Baʾax kʾiinej ka j síijech.
Ba'ax k'iinej ka'aj j síijech.
Ba'ax k'ìine ka j síijech.
2 Student I was born May 2, 1939. U kʾiinil úuchik in síijileʾ, dos tiʾ u mesil mayo mil novecientos treinta nueve.
U k'iinil úuchik in síijile', dos ti' u mesil mayo mil novecientos treinta nueve.
U k'ìinil úuchik in síijile', dòos tí' u mèesil màayoj milnobe syèentos tréinta nwèebej.
3 José Where were you born? In what town did you grow up? Tuʾux sijnalech. Tuʾux kaajil j chʾíijech.
Tu'ux sijnalech. Tu'ux kaajil j ch'íijech.
Tu'ux sijnalech. Tu'ux kàajil j ch'íijech.
4 Student In a town called Huuhí. Tiʾ un pʾéel kaaj ku kʾaabaʾintik Huuhí.
Ti' un p'éel kaaj ku k'aaba'intik Huuhí.
Tí um p'é kàaj ku k'aba'intik ju'uji'.
5 José And your parents, where do they live now? Do they live here? Kux túun a papa, tuʾux kajaʾanoʾob beʾooráaʾ. ¿Way ku kajtaloʾobeʾ?
Kux túun a papa, tu'ux kaja'ano'ob be'ooráa'. ¿Way ku kajtalo'obe'?
Kux túun a papa, tu'ux kaja'ano'ob be'ooráa'. ¿Way k u kajtalo'obe'?
6 Student My father is not living. Heʾs been dead already ten years. In papaeʾ maʾ kuxaʾaniʾ. Tsʾoʾok diez años kíimik.
In papae' ma' kuxa'ani'. Ts'o'ok diez años kíimik.
Im papaje ma' kuxa'ani'. Ts'o'ok dyes 'anyos kíimik.
7 Student But my mother lives there in Mérida. Pero in mamaeʾ tiʾ kajakbal teʾ Joʾeʾ.
Pero in mamae' ti' kajakbal te' Jo'e'.
Peroj in mamaje tí kajakbal t joe'.
8 José But where did you learn to read, though? Tuʾux túun ta kanaj xook beyaʾ.
Tu'ux túun ta kanaj xook beya'.
Tu'ux túun ta kanaj xòok beya'.
9 Student Well, I was very small when I began to go to school. Pues, teneʾ jach chichenen ka j káaj in bin escuela.
Pues, tene' jach chichenen ka'aj j káaj in bin escuela.
Pwes, tene jach chichnen ka j káaj im bin 'eskwèelaj.
10 Student Iʾve studied already for ten years. Tsʾoʾok diez años xooknaken.
Ts'o'ok diez años xooknaken.
Ts'o'ok dyes anyos xòoknaken.
11 José How old were you when you were put in school? Jay pʾéel jaʾab yaan teech ka j kʾuʾubech xook.
Jay p'éel ja'ab yaan teech ka'aj j k'u'ubech xook.
Jay p'é ja'ab yàan tech ka'aj k'u'ubech xòok.
12 Student When I was first put in school in the town of Cantamayec, I was seven. Ka j kʾuʾuben xook yáax tu kaajil Cantamayeceʾ, yaan teen siete años.
Ka'aj j k'u'uben xook yáax ti' u kaajil Cantamayece', yaan teen siete años.
Ka j k'ú'uben xòok yáax tu kàajil káantamayeke', yan ten syèetej 'anyos.
13 Student Three years I was in that school. Óox pʾéel años yanchajen teʾ escuelaoʾ.
Óox p'éel años yanchajen te' escuelao'.
Óox p'éel anyos yanchajen té 'eskwèelájo'.
14 José Then you learned well, didnʾt you? Entonces j kaambalnajech maʾalob, máasimaʾ.
Entonces j kaambalnajech ma'alob, máasima'.
Entónses j kàambanajech ma'alob, máasima'.
15 Student Well, I learned a bit, but not really well. Pues, j kaambalnajen un pʾíit kex maʾ jach maʾalobiʾ.
Pues, j kaambalnajen un p'íit kex ma' jach ma'alobi'.
Pwes, j kàambanajen um p'íit kex má jach ma'alobi'.
16 José What [was] the name of your first teacher in those years? Bix u kʾaabaʾ a yáax profesor tiʾ le jaʾaboʾoboʾ.
Bix u k'aaba' a yáax profesor ti' le ja'abo'obo'.
Bix u k'àaba' 'a yáax prófesòor tí e ja'abo'obo'.
17 Student His name [was] Alfonso Medina Mártino--Don Alfonso. U kʾaabaʾeʾ profesor Alfonso Medina Martino--Don Alfonso.
U k'aaba'e' profesor Alfonso Medina Martino--Don Alfonso.
'U k'àaba'e' prófesòor 'álfonsoj medìinaj mártinoj--don 'álfonsoj.
18 José What is done in the school house? Baʾax ku beetaʾal tu najil xook.
Ba'ax ku beeta'al ti' u najil xook.
Ba'ax ku beeta'al tu nail xòok.
19 Student Uh... In school, uh, there is reading and there is writing, too. Letiʾ...este...tu najil xookeʾ...este...ku yúuchul xook, bey xan ku yúuchul tsʾíib.
Leti'...este...ti' u najil xooke'...este...ku yúuchul xook, bey xan ku yúuchul ts'íib.
Leti' 'este'...tu nail xòoke'...'este'...ku yúchul xòok, bey xan ku yúchul ts'íib.
20 José Exactly! How many years did you study there in Cantamayec? ¡Letiʾ leloʾ! Jay pʾéel jaʾab j xooknajech teʾ Cantamayecoʾ.
¡Leti' lelo'! Jay p'éel ja'ab xooknajech te' Cantamayeco'.
¡Letí elo'! Jay p'é ja'ab xòoknajech te' káantamayeko'.
21 Student Only three years. Afterwards I left Cantamayec. Chéen óox pʾéel jaʾab. Ku tsʾoʾokoleʾ j lukʾen Cantamayec.
Chéen óox p'éel ja'ab. Ku ts'o'okole' j luk'en Cantamayec.
Chen óox p'éel ja'ab. Ku ts'o'okole j luk'en káantamayek.
22 José And where did you go when the three years were over and you left Cantamayec. Tuʾux túun j binech ka j tsʾoʾok le óox pʾéel jaʾab ka j lukʾech Cantamayecoʾ.
Tu'ux túun j binech ka'aj j ts'o'ok le óox p'éel ja'ab ka'aj j luk'ech Cantamayeco'.
Tu'ux túun binech kaj ts'o'ok le 'óox p'éel ja'ab ka j luk'ech kántamayeko'.
23 Student Well, my father saw that my studies were going well... Pues, tu yilaj in taata de que maʾalob u chan bin in xookeʾ…
Pues, tu yilaj in taata de que ma'alob u chan bin in xooke'…
Pwes, tu yila in tàata de que ma'alob u cham bin in xòoke'…
24 Student And he took me therefore to the town of Kanasin and I began to go to school again. Ka tu bisajen túun tu kaajil Kanasin ka joʾopʾ in bin escuela tu kaʾa téen.
Ka'aj tu bisajen túun tu kaajil Kanasin ka'aj jo'op' in bin escuela ti' u ka'a téen.
Ká tu bisajen túun tu kàajil k'anasìin ká jo'ob in bin eskwèelah t u ká'a téen.
25 José How many years did you spend, then, in Kanasin, studying? Jay pʾéel jaʾab ta beetaj túun Kanasin táan a xook.
Jay p'éel ja'ab ta beetaj túun Kanasin táan a xook.
Jay p'é ja'ab ta bèetaj túun k'anasìin táan a xòok.
26 Student Another three years. I studied the fourth, fifth, and sixth year. U láakʾ óox pʾéel jaʾaboʾob. Tin xokaj cuarto año, quinto año yéetel sexto año.
U láak' óox p'éel ja'abo'ob. Tin xokaj cuarto año, quinto año yéetel sexto año.
U láak' óox p'é ja'abo'ob. Tin xokaj kwàarto 'anyo, kìinto 'anyo yéete sèeksto 'anyo.
27 José And where did you go when you left Kanasin? Tuʾux túun j binech ka j lukʾech Kanasin.
Tu'ux túun j binech ka'aj j luk'ech Kanasin.
Tu'ux túun j binech ka j luk'ech k'anasìin.
28 Student When I left Kanasin, I moved to Mérida. Kin lukʾul Kanasineʾ ka j máanen tiʾ Joʾ.
Kin luk'ul Kanasine' ka'aj j máanen ti' Jo'.
Kin luk'ul k'anasìine ka j máanen t jo'.
29 Student Then I studied there in the school named Colegio Americano. Teʾ j xooknajen túun tu najil xook ku kʾaabaʾintik Colegio Americano.
Te' j xooknajen túun tu najil xook ku k'aaba'intik Colegio Americano.
Té j xòoknajen túun tu nail xòok ku k'aba'intik kolèejyój 'americkàanoj.
30 Student There for six years I studied secondary and preparatory. Teʾeloʾ seis jaʾaboʾob, tin xokaj secundaria yéetel preparatoria.
Te'elo' seis ja'abo'ob, tin xokaj secundaria yéetel preparatoria.
Te'elo' sèeis ja'abo'ob, tin xokaj sékundàaryaj yétel préparatòoryaj.
31 José After that I quit school. Ku tsʾoʾokol leloʾ ka tin pʾataj in xook.
Ku ts'o'okol lelo' ka'aj tin p'ataj in xook.
Ku ts'o'okol lelo' ká tim p'ata in xòok.
32 José And why did you quit going to school? Baʾaxten túun ta xulaj a bin escuela.
Ba'axten túun ta xulaj a bin escuela.
Ba'axten túun ta xulaj a bin eskwèelaj.
33 Student Because there was no money to support my learning. Pues tumen minaʾan taakʾin u tiʾaʾal u boʾotaʾal in kaambal.
Pues tumen mina'an taak'in u ti'a'al u bo'ota'al in kaambal.
Pwes tumen mina'an tàak'in u tí'al u bo'otal in kàambal.
34 Student Therefore I had to look for a job. Le beetik yanjij in kaxantik un pʾéel chamba.
Le beetik yanjij in kaxantik un p'éel chamba.
Le bèetik yanjí in kaxantik um p'é chàambaj.
35 Student One year I worked as a teacher there in the town of Valladolid. Un pʾéel jaʾab j meyajnajen aj kaambesajil teʾ tu kaajil Sakiʾoʾ.
Un p'éel ja'ab j meyajnaken aj kaambesajil te' ti' u kaajil Saki'o'.
Um p'é ja'ab j meyajnajen aj kàambesajil té tu kàaji sakío'.
36 José After you worked a year as a teacher, what did you do then? Ku tsʾoʾokol a meyaj un pʾéel jaʾab aj kaambesajileʾ, baʾax túun ta beetaj.
Ku ts'o'okol a meyaj un p'éel ja'ab aj kaambesajile', ba'ax túun ta beetaj.
Ku ts'o'okol a meyaj um p'é ja'ab aj kàambesajile', ba'ax túun ta bèetaj.
37 Student I returned again here to Mérida a second time. Kaʾa j suunajen way Joʾ tu kaʾa teneʾ
Ka'a suu[t]najen way Jo' ti' u ka'a téene'.
Ká'a sùunajen way Jo' tu ká'a tene'.
38 Student Iʾve worked here for two years. Yaan kaʾa pʾéel años meyajnaken wayeʾ.
Yaan ka'a p'éel años meyajnaken waye'.
Yan ká'a p'é 'anyos meyajnaken waye'.
1 Hernán What time did you go to bed last night, José? Baʾax hora ka j binech chital okʾnakjéak José.
Ba'ax hora ka'aj j binech chital ok'nakjéak José.
Ba'ax 'òoraj ká j binech chital 'ok'nakjéak josej.
2 José It was really late when I went to sleep--I suppose two oʾclock. Jach áakʾabchaj ka j chilajen wenel, míin las dos.
Jach áak'abchaj ka'aj j chilajen wenel, míin las dos.
Jach áak'abcha ká j chilajen wenel, míin lás dòos.
3 José We really had a lot of fun didnʾt we? Jach t seen divertirtaj k baeʾex, máasimaʾ.
Jach t seen divertirtaj k bae'ex, máasima'.
Jach t sèen díbertìirtaj k báex, máasima'.
4 Hernán Me, I havenʾt rested today. Teneʾ maʾ jeʾeleken tiʾ le kʾiin bejlaʾaʾ.
Tene' ma' je'eleken ti' le k'iin bejla'a'.
Tene má je'elken tí' le k'ìin bejlá'a'.
5 José Well, if I lie down to sleep now, I wonʾt sleep! Bueno, teneʾ wa bin chilaken j wenel beʾooráaʾ maʾ táan in wenel.
Bueno, tene' wa bíin chilaken j wenel be'ooráa' ma'a táan in wenel.
Bwenoj, tene wá bín chilaken j wenel be'òoraja ma'aj táan ín wenel.
6 Hernán Me, if Iʾm sacked out there in my hammock, Iʾll fall asleep. Teneʾ wa tiʾ chilaʾanen tin kʾaaneʾ bin talak in wenel.
Tene' wa ti' chila'anen ti' in k'aane' bíin talak in wenel.
Tene wá tí chila'anen tin k'àane bín talak in wenel.
7 José What time will Pablo come? Baʾax hora ken kʾuchuk Pablo.
Ba'ax hora ken k'uchuk Pablo.
Ba'ax 'òoraj kén k'uchuk pàabloj.
8 Hernán Pablo has already gone. He [was] standing here when I arrived. Pabloeʾ sameak j binij. Way waʾakbal ka j kʾucheneʾ.
Pabloe' sameak j binij. Way wa'akbal ka'aj j k'uchene'.
Pàabloje' sámeak j binij. Way wa'akbal ká j k'uchene'.
9 José Right now, heʾs probably lying down there in his hammock. Beʾooráaʾ tiʾ chilikbal wal tu kʾaaneʾ.
Be'ooráa' ti' chilikbal wal ti' u k'aane'.
Be'òoráa' tí' chilikbal wal tu k'àane'.
10 José So what time shall we go out serenading tonight? Baʾan túun hora ken j jóokʾokoʾon j tʾeelil tiʾ le áakʾabaʾ.
Ba'an túun hora ken j jóok'oko'on j t'eelil ti' le áak'aba'.
Ba'an túun 'òoraj kén j jóok'oko'on j t'èelil tí' le 'áak'aba'.
11 Hernán [Let it be] perhaps [even] 12 oʾclock midnight. Tak las doce áakʾab waleʾ.
Tak las doce áak'ab wale'.
Tak lás dòose 'áak'ab wale'.
12 Hernán Because thatʾs the hour [when] the gals are sleeping real sweetly. Tumen letiʾ le hora jach kiʾ u wenel le x-baʾaloʾoboʾ.
Tumen leti' le hora jach ki' u wenel le x-ba'alo'obo'.
Tumen leti' e 'òoraj jach kí' u wenel le x ba'alo'obo'.
13 José Whose place shall we go to first? Máax iknal keneʾex yáax bin toʾoneʾex.
Máax iknal kene'ex yáax bin to'one'ex.
Máax iknal kene'ex yáax bin to'one'ex.
14 Hernán Letʾs go to Margaritaʾs place. Jaʾalij ka xiʾikoʾon tiknal Margaritaeʾ.
Ja'alij ka'aj xi'iko'on ti' u yiknal Margaritae'.
Jáli ká xi'iko'on tiknal Márgarìitaje'.
15 José So be it, then, weʾll go first to Margaritaʾs house. Jeʾeloʾ bey túunoʾ, tiknal Margarita keneʾex yáax bin.
Je'elo' bey túuno', ti' u yiknal Margarita kene'ex yáax bin.
Je'elo' bey túuno', tiknal Márgarìitaj kene'ex yáax bin.
16 Hernán There comes Don Alberto, too. Jeʾ ku taal Don Alberto xanoʾ.
Je'el ku taal Don Alberto xano'.
Jé' ku tàal Don 'Áalbertoj xano'.
17 Hernán I think Iʾll be going [now]. My feet feel tired. Teneʾ míin, táan in bin. Kaʾanaʾan in wookoʾob kin wuʾuyik.
Tene' míin, táan in bin. Ka'ana'an in wooko'ob kin wu'uyik.
Tene míin, táan im bin. Ka'ana'an in wòoko'ob kin wu'uyik.
18 Alberto Are you going Hernán? Wonʾt you wait for us? ¿Tan bin, Hernán? ¿Maʾ ta paʾatikoʾon?
¿Táan a bin, Hernán? ¿Ma' ta pa'atiko'on?
¿Tán bin, 'ernán? ¿Ma' ta páa'tiko'on?
19 José Let him go, poor fellow! He wants to sleep. Chaʾ u bin. Óotsil, taak u wenel.
Cha'bin. Óotsil, taak u wenel.
Chá u bin óotsil. Tàak u wenel.
20 Alberto Where will you sleep (lie down) when you get [home] now? Tuʾux kan j bin j chital le ken kʾuchukech beʾooráaʾ.
Tu'ux kan j bin j chital le ken k'uchukech be'ooráa'.
Tu'ux kan j bin j chital le kén k'uchkech be'òorája'.
21 Hernán Well, where I slept last night when I got back, you saw. Pues, tuʾux j chilajen okʾnajéak ka j uʾulen, ta wilaj.
Pues, tu'ux j chilajen ok'najéak ka'aj j u'ulen, ta wilaj.
Pues, tu'ux chilen ok'najéak ká j u'ulen, ta wilaj.
22 Hernán Iʾll sleep there today again. Tiʾ bíin kaʾa chilaken bejlaʾ tu kaʾa teneʾ.
Ti' bíin ka'aj chilaken bejla' ti' u ka'a tene'.
Tí' bíin ká'a chilaken bejla' tu ká'a tene'.
23 Alberto As for your brother, I saw him get back at eight, right? A wíitsʾineʾ las ocho ka tin wilaj u yuʾul, máasimaʾ.
A wíits'ine' las ocho ka'aj tin wilaj u yu'ul, máasima'.
A w íits'ne lás òochoj ká tin wilaj 'u yu'ul, máasima'.
24 Hernán Sometimes by eleven, sometimes even by twelve he hasnʾt come home to sleep. Yaan kʾiin las ocho, yaan kʾiin tak las doce, maʾ uʾuluk weneliʾ.
Yaan k'iin las ocho, yaan k'iin tak las doce, ma' u'uluk weneli'.
Yan k'ìin lás òochoj, yan k'ìin tak lás dòosej, má 'u'uluk weneli'.
25 Alberto Where are you working, then, Hernán? Tuʾux ka meyaj beyaʾ Hernán.
Tu'ux ka meyaj beya' Hernán.
Tu'ux ka meyaj beya' 'ernán.
26 Hernán I work in a store. Just all of a sudden I had a chance [to be a] store clerk. Tiʾ tienda kin meyaj. Chéen de repente ka j tʾaʾanen dependienteil.
Ti' tienda kin meyaj.  Chéen de repente ka'aj j t'a'anen dependienteil.
Tí' tièendaj kin meyaj. Chén de repèentej ká j t'a'anen dependièentejil.
27 José Youʾre a clerk? So it is! Thatʾs what makes your feet tired! ¿Dependienteech? ¡Jeʾeloʾ! Letiʾ beetik túun kaʾanaʾan a wookoʾob.
¿Dependienteech? ¡Je'elo'! Leti' beetik táan u ka'ana'an a wooko'ob.
¿Dépendièentejech? ¡Je'elo! Le bèetik túun ka'ana'an a wòoko'ob.
28 Hernán Sure, Iʾm a clerk! When will you come to visit me in the store? Dependientejiniʾixtakoʾ. Baʾax kʾiin ken talakeʾex a xíimbalteneʾex teʾ tiendaoʾ.
Dependientejini'ixtako'. Ba'ax k'iin ken talake'ex a xíimbaltene'ex te' tiendao'
Dependièenteni'ixtako'. Báx k'ìin kén talake'ex a xíimbatene'ex téj tièendájo'.
29 Alberto If youʾd give us some candy, weʾd come. Wa jeʾ a tsʾáik toʾon tsʾeʾetsʾek chujukeʾ, ka talakoʾon.
Wa je' a ts'áik to'on ts'e'ets'ek chujuke', ka'aj talako'on.
Wá jé a ts'áik to'on ts'e'ets'ek chujuke, ká talako'on.
30 Hernán Sure, Iʾll give you a few of them. Bíimaʾak in tsʾáik teʾex tsʾeʾetsʾekiʾ.
Bíima'ak in ts'áik te'ex ts'e'ets'eki'.
Bíima'ak in ts'áik te'ex ts'e'ets'eki'.
31 Alberto When will you give us that candy? Baʾax kʾiin ken a tsʾa toʾon le chʾujukoʾ.
Ba'ax k'iin ken a ts'a to'on le ch'ujuko'.
Ba'ax k'iiin kén a ts'á to'on le ch'ujuko'.
32 Hernán Well, Iʾll say what a day! Pues, teen kin j aʾalik baʾax kʾiin.
Pues, teen kin j a'alik ba'ax k'iin.
Pwes, tèen kin j 'a'alik ba'ax k'iin.
1 Marcelino Have you come back here so soon, José? What happened? ¿Tsʾoʾok a jan sutkʾajal wayeʾ José? Baʾax úuchij.
¿Ts'o'ok a jan sutk'ajal waye' José? Ba'ax úuchij.
¿Ts'o'ok a ján sutk'ajal waye josej? Ba'ax 'úuchij.
2 José Well, my back has gotten tired. Pues tsʾoʾok u kaʾanal in paach.
Pues ts'o'ok u ka'anal in paach.
Pwes ts'o'ok u ka'anal in pàach.
3 José Also, my stomach aches until I choke. Bey xan yaj in nakʾ hasta kin jakʾpajal.
Bey xan yaj in nak' hasta kin jak'pajal.
Bey xan yaj in nak' 'astáj kin jak'pajal.
4 José I think Iʾm not well. I need to throw up. Míin maʾ tooj in wóoliʾ. Kʾabéet in xej.
Míin ma' tooj in wóoli'.  K'abéet in xej.
Míin má tòoj in wóoli'. K'abéet in xej.
5 Marcelino I think you have the fever, therefore that happens to you. Míin yaan teech chokwil, le beetik ku yúuchul teech le jeʾeloʾ.
Míin yaan teech chokwil, le beetik ku yúuchul teech le je'elo'.
Míin yàan tech chokwil, le bèetik ku yúuchul tech le je'elo'.
6 José Sometimes it feels like the bones in my back will snap. Yaan hora kin wuʾuyik bey ku kachakʾajal u baakel in paacheʾ.
Yaan hora kin wu'uyik bey ku kachak'ajal u baakel in paache'.
Yan 'òoraj kin wu'uyik bey ku kachak'ajal u bàak'el in pàache'.
7 Marcelino You ought to go to the doctor at once; Iʾll take you. U naj ka xiʾikech tu yiknal doctor un puliʾ; jeʾ in bisikecheʾ.
U naj ka'aj xi'ikech ti' u yiknal doctor un puli'; je'el in bisikeche'.
U naj ká xi'ikech tu yiknal doktòor um puli'; jé' in biskeche'.
8 José Just how much farther do we have to go? ¿Yaan jach bukaʾaj u bin k kʾuchuliʾ?
¿Yaan jach buka'aj u bin k k'uchuli'?
¿Yan jach buka'aj u bin k k'uchuli'?
9 Marcelino I think half a league. It wonʾt be dark, when you get there. Míin táankuch lúub. Maʾ tu yáakʾabchajal tsʾa kʾuchul.
Míin táankuch lúub. Ma' tu yáak'abchajal ts'o'ok a k'uchul.
Míin táankuch lúub. Má tu yáak'abchajal ts'á k'uchul.
10 Marcelino But itʾs starting to rain! Pero jeʾ ku taal le cháakoʾ.
Pero je'el ku taal le cháako'.
Peroj jé ku tàal le cháako'.
11 Marcelino Best that we sit down under that tree in order for you to rest a little. Más maʾalob ka kulakoʾon yaanal le cheʾoʾ tu yoʾolal a chan jeʾelel.
Más ma'alob ka'aj kulako'on yaanal le che'o', ti' u yo'olal a chan je'elel.
Màas ma'alob ká kulako'on yàanal le che'o' ti yo'olal a chan je'elel.
12 José Letʾs go then. After I rest a bit, Iʾll go on. Koʾox túun. Le kin chan jeʾelel un pʾíiteʾ kin bin.
Ko'ox túun. Le kin chan je'elel un p'íite' kin bin.
Ko'ox túun. Le kin chan je'elel um p'íite' kim bin.
13 Marcelino Get up, my friend. It has stopped pouring. Líikʾen in wéet óotsilil. Tsʾoʾok u xuʾulul u kʾáaxal jaʾ.
Líik'en in wéet óotsilil. Ts'o'ok u xu'ulul u k'áaxal ja'.
Líik'en in wéet óotsilil. Ts'o'ok u xu'ulul u k'áaxa ja'.
14 José Has the rain stopped? Now itʾs not even cold. Letʾs go then. Tsʾoʾok wáa u máan le jaʾoʾ. Beʾooráaʾ mix tu beetik keʾel. Koʾox túun.
Ts'o'ok wáa u máan le ja'o'. Be'ooráa' mix tu beetik ke'el. Ko'ox túun.
Ts'o'ok wá u máan le jáo'. Be'òorája mix tu beetik ke'el. Ko'ox túun.
15 Marcelino Thereʾs the doctorʾs house. I hope heʾs in now. To yaan le u najil tsʾaak yajoʾ. Kexiʾ wáa kulaʾan beʾooráaʾ.
To yaan le u najil ts'aak yajo'.  Kexi' wáa kula'an be'ooráa'.
To yàan le u nail ts'ak yao'. Kexi' wá kula'an be'oorája'.
16 Doctor Please lie down here. What sickness is that you have, then? Much chilen wayeʾ. Baʾax túun kʾojaʾanil le yaan techoʾ.
Much chilen waye'. Ba'ax túun k'oja'anil le yaan techo'.
Much chilen waye'. Ba'ax túun k'oja'anil le yàan techo'.
17 José It seems I took rather badly sick. Bey in wóol chan kʾas kʾojaʾanchajeneʾ.
Bey in wóol chan k'as k'oja'anchajene'.
Bey in wóol chan k'as k'oja'anchajene'.
18 Doctor How long [ago] did it happen? Jay pʾéel hora úuchuk lelaʾ.
Jay p'éel hora úuchuk lela'.
Jay p'é 'òoraj 'úuchuk lela'.
19 José I donʾt even know what from [but] three hours ago my back and my stomach began to ache. Mix in wojel baʾax oʾolal tsʾoʾok tres horas joʾopʾok u chiʾibal in paach yéetel in nakʾiʾ.
Mix in wojel ba'ax o'olal ts'o'ok tres horas jo'op'ok u chi'ibal in paach yéetel in nak'i'.
Mix in wojel ba'ax o'olal ts'o'ok trèes òoras jo'op'ok u chi'ibal im pàach yétel in nak'i'.
20 José In addition, now I feel really weak. Iʾm really weak. Ademáseʾ beʾooráa jach minaʾan in muukʾ kin wuʾuyik. Jach débilen.
Ademáse' be'ooráa jach mina'an in muuk' kin wu'uyik. Jach débilen.
Ádemàase be'òoráj jach mina'an in mùuk' kin wu'uyik. Jach dèebílen.
21 José I havenʾt eaten, nor am I hungry, [because] my stomach is upset. Maʾ jaanakeniʾ mix wiʾijeniʾ. Pues kʾasaʾan in nakʾ.
Ma' jaanakeni' mix wi'ijeni'. Pues k'asa'an in nak'.
Má jàankeni' mix wi'ijeni'. Pwes k'asa'an in nak'.
22 Marcelino Also half an hour ago my nose began to bleed, too. Tsʾoʾok xan táankuch hora joʾopʾok u jóokʾol kʾiʾikʾ tin niʾ xan.
Ts'o'ok xan táankuch hora jo'op'ok u jóok'ol k'i'ik' ti' in ni' xan.
Ts'o'ok xan táankoch 'òoraj jop'ok u jóok'ol k'i'ik' tin ni' xan.
23 Marcelino Have you bled much coming here? Yaʾab wáa a kʾiʾikʾel jóokʾ táan a taal wayeʾ.
Ya'ab wáa a k'i'ik'el jóok' táan a taal waye'.
Ya'ab wá a k'i'ik'el jóok' táan a tàal waye'.
24 José Not much. What kind of medicine are you going to give me? Maʾ yaʾabiʾ. Baʾax tsʾaakil ken a tsʾa teen.
Ma' ya'abi'. Ba'ax ts'aakil ken a ts'a teen.
Ma' ya'abi'. Ba'ax ts'àakil ken a ts'áa ten.
25 Doctor Iʾm going to give you a shot. That should do. Bin in kaʾaj in tsʾa teech un pʾéel inyección. Chéen yéetel leloʾ.
Bin in ka'aj in ts'a teech un p'éel inyección. Chéen yéetel lelo'.
Bin in ka'aj in ts'áa tech um p'é 'inyeksyòon. Chéen yétel lelo'.
26 Doctor Here is a little medicine for your stomach. Perhaps it will do you some good. Jeʾ un pʾíit tsʾaakaʾ u tiʾal a nakʾaʾ. Maʾ xaan u taal teech maʾalobiliʾ.
Je' un p'íit ts'aaka' u ti'a'al a nak'a'. Ma' xan u taal teech ma'alobili'.
Jé um p'íit ts'aak u tí'al a nak'a'. Má xàan u tàal tech ma'alobili'.
27 Doctor Return tomorrow! ¡Suunen sáamal!
¡Suunen sáamal!
¡Sùunen sáamal!
28 José What time do you want me to come? Baʾax hora a kʾáat ka talaken.
Ba'ax hora a k'áat ka'aj talaken.
Ba'ax 'òoraj a k'áat ká tàaken.
29 Doctor Any hour you want, Iʾm always here. Jeʾ baʾalak hora a kʾáateʾ. Láiliʾ way yaneneʾ.
Je'el ba'alak hora a k'áate'. Láili' way yanene'.
Jé ba'alak 'òoraj a k'áate'. Láili' way yanene'.
30 José Fine then, let it be about 12, perhaps. Maʾalob, kex bey las doce waleʾ.
Ma'alob, kex bey las doce wale'.
Ma'alob, kex bey lás dòosej wale'.
31 Doctor Thatʾll be fine! Jach maʾalob beyoʾ.
Jach ma'alob beyo'.
Jach ma'alob beyo'.
32 Doctor So [that] I guess youʾve begun to make you milpa, Don Marcelino? Míin tsʾoʾok a chan káajsik a kool le beetik, Don Marcelino.
Míin ts'o'ok a chan káajsik a kool le beetik, Don Marcelino.
Míin ts'o'ok a chan káajsik a kòol le bèetik don marselínoj.
33 Marcelino Well, Iʾm thinking of beginning. Bueno tin tukulik in kajik.
Bueno táan in tukulik in kajik.
Bwenoj tin tuklik in kajik.
34 Marcelino The time has come for me to begin it. Tsʾoʾok u pʾiistal u kʾiinil in kajik.
Ts'o'ok u p'iistal u k'iinil in kajik.
Ts'o'ok u p'ìistal u k'ìinil in kajik.
1 José We want to know--if you care to reply--all weʾre going to ask. K kʾáat k uʾuy wa úuchak a núukikeʾex tu láakal le baʾax ken j kʾáatoʾ.
k'áat k u'uy wáa úuchak a núukike'ex ti' u láakal le ba'ax ken j k'áato'.
K k'áat k 'u'uy wá 'úuchak a núukike'ex tu láakal le ba'ax ken j k'áato'.
2 Hernán We just want to ask you a few things, perhaps. Chéen k kʾáat j kʾáat teʾex wáa jay pʾéel baʾaloʾob.
Chéen k k'áat j k'áat te'ex wáa jay p'éel ba'alo'ob.
Chén k k'áat j k'áaj te'ex wá jay p'é ba'alo'ob.
3 José What were your names again? Iʾve forgotten. Bix kaʾach a kʾaabaʾaʾeʾex teʾex. Tsʾoʾok u tuʾubul teen.
Bix ka'ach a k'aaba'o'ob te'ex. Ts'o'ok u tu'ubul teen.
Bix ka'ach a k'àaba'o'ob te'ex. Ts'o'ok u tu'ubu ten.
4 Stranger Valdemaro Cauich, Gonzalo Pech. Valdemaro Cauich, Gonzalo Pech.
Valdemaro Cauich, Gonzalo Pech.
Wáldemàaroj kàawich, gónsaloj péech.
5 José Where do you live, it is Xoy? Tuʾux a kaajal teech. ¿Letiʾ le Xoy?
Tu'ux a kaajal teech. ¿Leti' le Xoy?
Tu'ux a kàajal tèech. ¿Letí e xòoy?
6 Cauich Thatʾs right! Xoy is my town! ¡Ésale! ¡Xoy in kaajal!
¡Ésale! ¡Xoy in kaajal!
¡'Ésalej! ¡Xòoy in kàajal!
7 José Itʾs near here , isnʾt it? How far is it from Xoy to Tahdziu? Naatsʾ wayeʾ, máasimaʾ. Yaan buk u taal Xoy teʾ Tahdziuoʾ.
Naats' waye', máasima'. Yaan buka'aj u taal Xoy te' Tahdziuo'.
Nàats' waye', máasima'. Yàan buk u tàal xòoy té' tajts'iiwo'.
8 Cauich I think eight kilometers. Yes, a little more. Míin ocho kilómetros. Sí, poco más.
Míin ocho kilómetros. Sí, poco más.
Míin 'ochoj kilómetros. Síij, pokoj màas.
9 Cauich But Iʾm [situated] here now. Pero way kin yantal bejlaʾeʾ.
Pero way kin yantal bejla'e'.
Pero wáy kin yantal bejlá'e'.
10 José The first [thing] we want to find out is...what work do you do? Yáax un pʾéeleʾ k kʾáat k ojéelteʾ wa baʾax meyjil suuk a beetik teech.
Yáax un p'éele' k k'áat k ojéeltej wa ba'ax meyjil suuk a beetik teech.
Yáax um p'éele' k k'áat k 'ojelte' wá ba'ax meyjil sùuk a bèetik tèech.
11 Cauich Me, my work is farming, that is to say, I work principally in the milpa. Teneʾ in meyajeʾ kʾáax, es decir tiʾ kool principal kin meyaj.
Tene' in meyaje' k'áax, es decir ti' kool principal kin meyaj.
Tene in meyaje k'áax, 'es desir tí' kòol prínsipàal kin meyaj.
12 Hernán But you worked here, too, didnʾt you? Pero way xan ka meyaj kaʾacheʾ, máasimaʾ.
Pero way xan ka meyaj ka'ache', máasima'.
Pero wáy xan ka meyaj ka'ache' máasima'.
13 Cauich Yes, I worked here. Jaaj, way kaʾach kin meyajeʾ.
Jaaj, way ka'ach kin meyaje'.
Jàaj, way ka'ach kin meyaje'.
14 José Well, please tell us about milpa work. Bueno, beet favor a waʾalik toʾon yoʾolal u meyjul kool.
Bueno, beet favor a wa'alik to'on u yo'olal u meyjul kool.
Bweno, bèet fabor a wa'alik to'on yo'olal u meyjul kòol.
15 Cauich When it is morning, one goes to the milpa. Le ku chunkʾiintaleʾ ku bin máak ich kool.
Le ku chunk'iintale' ku bin máak ich kool.
Le ku chúnk'iintale ku bin máak ich kool.
16 José Does he take [some]thing to eat? ¿Ku bisik baʾal u jaantej?
¿Ku bisik ba'al u jaantej?
¿Ku bisik ba'al u jàantej?
17 Cauich Yes. Some take [some]thing to eat, nothing more than just a little pozole. Sí, algunos ku bisik baʾal u jaantej, no más que chéen un pʾíit kʾeyem.
Sí, algunos ku bisik ba'al u jaantej no más que chéen un p'íit k'eyem.
Síij, 'álgunos ku bisik ba'al u jàantej no màas kej chéen um p'íit k'eyem.
18 José Principally just pozole. And how is that pozole prepared? Máses chéen kʾeyem. ¿Bix túun u preparartaʾal le kʾeyemoʾ?
Máses chéen k'eyem. ¿Bix túun u prepararta'ale k'eyemo'?
Màases chen k'eyem. ¿Bix tún u préparàarta'al le k'eymo'?
19 José One dissolves a small luch of pozole in water so as to postpone his hunger. Un pʾéel chan luuch kʾeyemeʾ ku pukʾik máak ich jaʾ u tiʾaʾal u chan máansik u wiʾijil.
Un p'éel chan luuch k'eyeme' ku puk'ik máak ich ja' u ti'a'al u chan máansik u wi'ijil.
Um p'é chan lùuch k'eyeme' ku puk'ik máak ich ja' 'u tí'al u chan máansik u wi'ijil.
20 José When dusk comes, he returns home to have supper. Ku taal u yéekʾsameʾenchajaleʾ ku suut ka almorzarnak tu najil.
Ku taal u yéek'same'enchajale' ku suut ka'aj almorzarnak ti' u najil.
Ku tàal u yéek'same'enchajale' ku sùut ká 'álmorsàarnak tu nail.
21 Hernán This region here almost doesnʾt yield a harvest like the lands there farther south, does it? Le lugar teʾelaʾ casi maʾa tech u tsʾáik cosecha jeʾe bix le luʾumoʾob teʾ más nojoloʾ, máasimaʾ.
Le lugar te'ela' casi ma'a tech u ts'áik cosecha je'e bix le lu'umo'ob temás nojolo', máasima'.
Le lugar te'ela' kaasij ma'a tech u ts'ij kosèechaj jé'e bix le lu'umob té más nojolo', máasima'.
22 Cauich Yes, there, consistently more than six almuds of corn is the maximum it yields. Forty kilograms. Jaaj, teʾeloʾ, láiliʾ más que seis almudes u xuul u tsʾáik ixiʾimeʾ. Cuarenta kilos.
Jaaj, te'elo', láili' más que seis álmudes u xuul u ts'áik ixi'ime'Cuarenta kilos.
Jàaj, te'elo', láili' màas kej seis álmudes u xùul u ts'áik ixi'ime'. Kwáarentaj kìilos.
23 Cauich We plant...uh...yams we plant macal, uh-h... corn, everything there! K pakʾik toʾon...este...iis k pakʾik toʾon macal...este ixiʾim...tu láakal k pakʾik teʾeloʾ.
pak'ik to'on...este...iis k pak'ik to'on macal...este ixi'im...tu láakal k pak'ik te'elo'.
K pak'ik to'on...este'...'ìis k pak'ik to'on makal...este' 'ixi'im...tu láka k pak'ik te'elo'.
24 Cauich As for the macal, we feed our animals with it, too. Le macaloʾ k tséentik k aalakʾ xan yéetel.
Le macalo' k tséentik k aalak' xan yéetel.
Le maklo' k tséentik k 'àalak' xan yéetej.
25 Cauich The squash is eaten by pigs. Le kʾúumoʾ ku jaantaʾal tumen kʾéekʾen.
Le k'úumo' ku jaanta'al tumen k'éek'en.
Le k'úumo' ku jàanta'al tumen k'éek'en.
26 José Mister Pech, do you have other sons who work with you or [do] you [just work] alone? Señor Pech, yaan u láakʾ a hijos a wéet meyaj, wa chéen ta juun beyaʾ.
Señor Pechyaan u láak' a hijos a wéet meyaj, wa chéen ti' a juun beya'.
Senyor Pèech, yan u láak' a 'ìijos a wéet meyaj, wá chén ta jùun beya'.
27 Pech I just work alone--I donʾt have any sons, you see. Chéen tin juun kin meyaj--minaʾan in paalaloʾob beyaʾ.
Chéen ti' in juun kin meyaj mina'an in paalalo'ob beya'.
Chén tin jùun kin meyaj mina'an in pàalalo'ob beya'.
28 José Are they married or are there none? Tsʾokaʾan wáa u beeloʾob wa de por sí minaʾan.
Ts'oka'an wáa u beelo'ob wa de por sí mina'an.
Ts'oka'an wu bèelo'ob wá dé por sij mina'an.
29 Pech None. I worked there in a hamlet named Xoy. Minaʾan. Tiʾ kin meyaj kaʾach teʾ un pʾéel kajtalil u kʾaabaʾeʾ Xoy.
Mina'an. Ti' kin meyaj ka'ach te' un p'éel kajtalil u k'aaba'e' Xoy.
Mina'an. Tí kin meyaj ka'ach té' um p'é kajtalil u k'àaba'e' xòoy.
30 Pech But, so what, itʾs two years since we came here to [this] town. Pero, baʾaxeʾ tsʾoʾok dos años talakoʾon way kaajeʾ.
Pero, ba'axe' ts'o'ok dos años talako'on way kaaje'.
Pero, ba'axe' ts'o'ok dòos anyos tàaako'on way j kàaje'.
31 Pech And so it is, that on account of this sickness I have, I canʾt work very much. Y así es que teneʾ tu yoʾolal le kʾojaʾanil yaan tenaʾ mum páajtal in seen meyaj.
Y así es que tene' ti' u yo'olal le k'oja'anil yaan tena' ma'a u páajtal in seen meyaj.
I 'asi es ke' tene' ti y o'olal le k'oja'anil yàan tena' múm páajtal in sèen meyaj.
32 Pech I have no means [of working] on account of this sickness. Minaʾan teen u modoil tu yoʾolal le kʾojaʾanilaʾ.
Mina'an teen u modoil ti'u yo'olal le k'oja'anila'.
Mina'an ten u mòodójil tu yo'olal le k'oja'anila'.
33 Pech It has dragged on. Itʾs chronic. It has cost so me much. Tsʾu tʾíilil, tsʾu crónicar, tsʾu tojoltik teen bajun.
Ts'o'ok u t'íilil, ts'o'ok u crónicar, ts'o'ok u tojoltik teen bajun.
Ts'ú t'íilil, ts'ú króonikàar, ts'ú tojoltik ten bajun.
34 Pech Itʾs been ten years. Tsʾu beetik diez años.
Ts'o'ok u beetik diez años.
Ts'u bèetik dyèes 'anyos.
35 Pech So that now Iʾm here at my daughterʾs. De manera que beʾooráaʾ way yanen tu yiknal in hijaeʾ.
De manera que be'ooráa' way yanen ti' u yiknal in hijae'.
De manéra ke' be'òorája way yanen tu yiknal in íijáje'.
36 Pech Or rather, the fact is, Iʾm a widower. Mejor dicho chéen le jaaj, viudoen.
Mejor dicho chéen le jaaj, viudoen.
Mejor dìicho' chén le jàaj, byùudójen.
37 Pech Just that one is the only one left me. Chéen jaʾalij letiʾ kuxaʾan tiʾ teneʾ.
Chéen ja'alij leti' kuxa'an ti' tene'.
Chén ja'ali letí' kuxa'an tí' tene'.
38 Pech Her younger siblings all died. Lajkimen u yíitsʾinoʾob.
Láajkimen u yíits'ino'ob.
Lájkimen u yíts'no'ob.