Lesson 9: Basic Sentences

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1.1 I want in kʾáat
1.2 that he come ka talak
1.3 that you (pl.) come ka talakeʾex
1.4 I want you (pl.) to come in kʾáat ka talakeʾex
1.5 you get to know [it] ka kʾajóoltik
1.6 you (pl.) come to know [it] ka taaleʾex a kʾajóoltej
1.7 my house[hold] in taanaj
1.8 that household of mine le in taanajoʾ
1 Marcelino I want you (pl.) to come to meet my household. In kʾáat ka talakeʾex a kʾajóolt le in taanajoʾ.
In k'áat ka'aj talake'ex a k'ajóolt le in taanajo'.
In k'át ká talake'ex a k'ajóolt in tàanajo'.
2.1 when (what day)? baʾax kʾiin
2 José Thank you, Don Marcelino! When? ¡Dios boʾotik, Don Marcelino! Baʾax kʾiin.
¡Dios bo'otik, Don Marcelino! Ba'ax k'iin.
¡Dyos bo'otik, don marselínoj! Ba'ax k'ìin.
3.1 you will say [it] teech ken a waʾalej
3.2 you (pl.) will say [it] teʾex ken a waʾaleʾex
3.3 you (pl.) will say when [it] is good teʾex ken a waʾaleʾex baʾax kʾiin maʾalob
3.4 for him u tiʾaʾal
3.5 for you a tiʾaʾal
3.6 for you (pl.) a tiʾaʾaleʾex
3.7 itʾs good for you (pl.) maʾalob a tiʾaʾaleʾex
3.8 when (what day) is good for you (pl.) baʾax kʾiin maʾalob a tiʾaʾaleʾex
3 Marcelino You (pl.) should say when is good for you (pl.). Teʾex ken a waʾaleʾex baʾax kʾiin maʾalob a tiʾaʾaleʾex.
Te'ex ken a wa'ale'ex ba'ax k'iin ma'alob a ti'a'ale'ex.
Te'ex ken a wa'ale'ex ba'ax k'ìin má'alob a tí'ale'ex.
4.1 evening okaʾan kʾiin
4.2 tomorrow evening okaʾan kʾiin sáamal
4.3 morning jaʾatsʾkab kʾiin
4.4 late evening ookʾin
4 José Will tomorrow evening be good? Maʾalob wáa okaʾan kʾiin sáamal.
Ma'alob wáa oka'an k'iin sáamal.
Má'alob wá oka'an k'ìin sáamal.
5.1 come (pl.)! koʾoteneʾex
5.2 come (pl.) tomorrow evening koʾoteneʾex okaʾan kʾiin sáamal
5 Marcelino Fine then! Come tomorrow evening! ¡Maʾalob túun! Koʾoteneʾex okaʾan kʾiin sáamal.
¡Ma'alob túun! Ko'otene'ex oka'an k'iin sáamal.
¡Má'alob túun! Ko'otene'ex 'oka'an k'ìin sáamal.
6.1 he sits ku kutal
6.2 he is in (he is seated) kulaʾan
6.3 you are in kulaʾanech
6.4 you (pl.) are in kulaʾaneʾex
6.5 are you in? kulaʾanech wáaj
6.6 you are here way yanecheʾ
6.7 are you here? way yanech wáaeʾ
6 José Good evening, Don Marcelino, are you in? Buenas noches, Don Marcelino, kulaʾanech wáaj.
Buenas noches, Don Marcelino, kula'anech wáaj.
Bwenas noches, don marselínoj, kula'anech wáaj.
7.1 friend (sibling, kin) láakʾ
7.2 you (pl.) my friends in láakʾeʾex
7 Marcelino Good evening, my friends. Buenas noches, in láakʾeʾex.
Buenas noches, in láak'e'ex.
Bwenas noches, in láak'e'ex.
8.1 Iʾm in kulaʾanen
8.2 weʾre in kulaʾanoʾon
8.3 Iʾm here way yaneneʾ
8.4 weʾre here way yanoʾoneʾ
8.5 enter! ooken
8.6 enter! (you pl.) ookeneʾex
8.7 you (pl.) are (in a place) yaneʾex
8.8 you (pl.) are in your home ta wotoch yaneʾex
8 Marcelino Iʾm here! Come in! Make yourselves at home! ¡Way yaneneʾ! ¡Ookeneʾex! ¡Ta wotoch yaneʾex!
¡Way yanene'! ¡Ookene'ex! ¡Ti' a wotoch yane'ex!
¡Way yanene'! ¡'Òokene'ex! ¡Ta wotoch yane'ex!
9.1 [itʾs] nice jatsʾuts
9.2 this little home of yours a chan taanajaʾ
9.3 this little home of yours (pl.) a chan taanajeʾexaʾ
9 José Thanks. Your house is nice. ¡Dios boʾotik! Jatsʾuts a chan taanajaʾ.
¡Dios bo'otik! Jats'uts a chan taanaja'.
¡Dyos bo'otik! Jats'uts a chan tàanaja'.
10.1 as for that Maya language kux túun le mayaʾ tʾaanoʾ
10.2 how are you (pl.)? bix yanileʾex
10.3 with [it] yéetel
10.4 how are you with it? bix yanileʾex yéetel
10 Marcelino Thank you! And [the] Maya, how are you coming along with it? ¡Dios boʾotik! Kux túun le Mayaʾ tʾaanoʾ bix yanileʾex yéetel.
¡Dios bo'otik! Kux túun le Maya' t'aano' bix yanile'ex yéetel.
¡Dyos bo'otik! Kux túun le maya' t'àano bix yanile'ex yéetel.
11.1 every day sáansamal
11.2 I learn more kin kanik u másil
11.3 every day I learn more sáansamal in kanik u másil
11.4 every day we learn more sáansamal k kanik u másil
11.5 a little more un pʾíit u másil
11 Alberto Every day we learn a little more. Sáansamal k kanik un pʾíit u másil.
Sáansamal k kanik un p'íit u másil.
Sáansamal j kanik um p'íit u màasil.
12.1 if you want... wa a kʾáateʾ
12.2 if you (pl.) want... wa a kʾáateʾexeʾ
12.3 I help [him] kin wáantik
12.4 I help you kin wáantikech
12.5 I help them kin wáantikoʾob
12.6 I help you (pl.) kin wáantikeʾex
12.7 Iʾll help you (pl.) jeʾ in wáantikeʾexeʾ
12.8 with [it] yéetel
12.9 Iʾll help you with [it] jeʾ in wáantikeʾex yéeteleʾ
12 Marcelino If you (pl.) want, Iʾll help you (pl.) with it. Wáa a kʾáateʾexeʾ, jeʾ in wáantikeʾex yéeteleʾ.
Wáa a k'áate'exe', je'el in wáantike'ex yéetele'.
Wá k'áate'exe, jé in w áantike'ex y éetele'.
13.1 Don Hernán... Don Hernáneʾ
13.2 heʾs helping me táan u yáantiken
13.3 heʾs helping you táan u yáantikech
13.4 heʾs helping you (pl.) táan u yáantikeʾex
13.5 heʾs helping us táan u yáantikoʾon
13 José Thank you, but Don Hernán is helping us. Dios boʾotik teech, pero Don Hernáneʾ táan u yáantikoʾon.
Dios bo'otik teech, pero Don Hernáne' táan u yáantiko'on.
Dyos bo'otik tech, pero don ernane táan u yáantiko'on.
14.1 and those co-workers of yours kux le a wéet meyajoʾoboʾ
14.2 theyʾre still learning [it] láiliʾ tun kanikoʾobeʾ
14.3 theyʾre still learning [it], too láiliʾ tun kanikoʾob xaneʾ
14 Marcelino How about your fellow-workers, are they still learning, too? Kux le a wéet meyajoʾoboʾ, láiliʾ tun kanikoʾob xaneʾ.
Kux le a wéet meyajo'obo'láili' táan u kaniko'ob xane'.
Kux a wéet meyajo'obo', láili' tún kaniko'ob xane'.
15.1 yes (still) láiliʾeʾ
15.2 the only thing is... chéen baʾaleʾ
15.3 no one mix máak
15.4 no one helps me mix máak áantiken
15.5 no one helps you mix máak áantikech
15.6 no one helps us mix máak áantikoʾon
15.7 no one helps [him] mix máak áantik
15.8 no one helps them mix máak áantikoʾob
15 José Yes, the only thing is, no one is helping them. Láiliʾeʾ, chéen baʾaleʾ mix máak áantikoʾob.
Láili'e', chéen ba'ale' mix máak áantiko'ob.
Láili'e', chém bale mix máak áantiko'ob.
16.1 tell them aʾal tiʾ letiʾoʾob
16.2 I help them kin wáantikoʾob
16.3 Iʾll help them jeʾ in wáantikoʾobeʾ
16.4 pleasure kiʾimak óolal
16.5 with pleasure yéetel kiʾimak óolal
16.6 Iʾll help them with pleasure jeʾ in wáantikoʾob yéetel kiʾimak óolaleʾ
16 Marcelino Tell them Iʾll help them with pleasure! Aʾal tiʾ letiʾoʾob jeʾ in wáantikoʾob yéetel kiʾimak óolaleʾ.
A'al ti' leti'o'ob je'el in wáantiko'ob yéetel ki'imak óolale'.
A'al tí'ob jé in wáantiko'ob yétel ki'imak 'óolale'.
17.1 weʾll tell [it] to him jeʾ k aʾalik tiʾ letiʾeʾ
17.2 weʾll tell [it] to them jeʾ k aʾalik tiʾ letiʾoʾobeʾ
17 José Weʾll tell them. Jeʾ k aʾalik tiʾ letiʾoʾobeʾ.
Je'el k a'alik ti' leti'o'obe'.
Je 'a'alik tíobe'.
18.1 I believe this is... míin lelaʾ
18.2 first yáax
18.3 (this) one time un téenaʾ
18.4 I believe this is the first time míin lelaʾ yáax un téenaʾ
18.5 (this) first time you (pl.) come yáax un téen a taaleʾexaʾ
18.6 (this) first time you visit me yáax un téen a xíimbaltenaʾ
18.7 (this) first time you (pl.) come to visit me yáax un téen a taaleʾex a xíimbaltenaʾ
18 Marcelino I believe this is [the] first time you (pl.)[ʾve] come to visit me, isnʾt it? Míin lelaʾ yáax un téen a taaleʾex a xíimbaltenaʾ, máasimaʾ.
Míin lela' yáax un téen a taale'ex a xíimbaltena', máasima'.
Míin lela yáax un téen a tàale'ex a xíimbatena', máasima'.
19.1 yesterday joʾoljej
19.2 you come in ka wokol
19.3 you came in j ookech
19.4 you come up ka kʾuchul
19.5 you came up j kʾuchech
19.6 you came up to visit us j kʾuchech a xíimbaltoʾon
19 Alberto Yes. Yesterday you came up to visit us. Bey, joʾoljej j kʾuchech a xíimbaltoʾon.
Bey, jo'oljej j k'uchech a xíimbalto'on.
Bey, jo'oljej j k'uchech a xíimbato'on.
20.1 today bejlaʾeʾ
20.2 we go k bin
20.3 we went j binoʾon
20.4 we come k taal
20.5 we came j taaloʾon
20.6 we came to visit you j taaloʾon k xíimbaltech
20.7 we came to visit you toʾoneʾ j taaloʾon k xíimbaltech
20 Alberto Today we came to visit you. Bejlaʾeʾ toʾoneʾ j taaloʾon k xíimbaltech.
Bejla'e' to'one' j taalo'on k xíimbaltech.
Bejla'e to'one j tàalo'on k xíimbatech.
21.1 day before yesterday kaʾojej
21.2 they came j taaloʾob
21.3 community kaaj
21.4 compatriot éet kaajal
21.5 your compatriot came j taal a wéet kaajal
21.6 your compatriots came j taaloʾob a wéet kaajaloʾob
21.7 they came to visit me j taaloʾob u xíimbalten
21.8 your compatriots came to visit me j taaloʾob a wéet kaajaloʾob u xíimbalten
21 Marcelino [The] day before yesterday your compatriots came to visit me. Kaʾojej j taaloʾob a wéet kaajaloʾob u xíimbalten.
Ka'ojej j taalo'ob a wéet kaajalo'ob u xíimbalten.
Ka'oje j tàalo'ob a wéet kàajalo'ob u xíimbaten.
22.1 [he or she] came j taalij
22.2 [she] came, didnʾt she? j taalij máasimaʾ
22.3 I believe [she] came míin j taalij
22.4 I believe my sister came míin j taal in kiik
22.5 [she] came to visit you (pl.) j taal u xíimbalteʾex
22.6 my sister came to visit you (pl.) j taal in kiik xan u xíimbalteʾex
22 Alberto I think my sister also came to visit you (pl.), didnʾt she, Don Marcelino? Míin j taal in kiik xan u xíimbalteʾex máasimaʾ, Don Marcelino.
Míin j taal in kiik xan u xíimbalte'ex máasima', Don Marcelino.
Míin j tàal in kìik xan u xíimbate'ex máasima', don marselínoj.
23.1 husband íicham
23.2 her husband u yíicham
23.3 with her husband yéetel u yíicham
23 Marcelino Yes. Your sister came also with her husband. J taalij. J taal a kiik xan yéetel u yíicham.
taalij. J taal a kiik xan yéetel u yíicham.
J tàalij. J tàal a kìik xan yéetel u yíicham.
24.1 uncle tío
24.2 aunt tía
24.3 nephew sobrino
24.4 niece sobrina
24.5 [girl] cousin prima
24.6 your [girl] cousin... a primaeʾ
24.7 not once mix un téen
24 Marcelino But your cousin, not once. Pero a primaeʾ, mix un téen.
Pero a primae', mix un téen.
Pero a prìimáe', mix un téen.
25.1 well as for her pues letiʾeʾ
25.2 it isnʾt possible maʾ tu páajtal
25.3 it isnʾt possible for her to come maʾ tu páajtal u taal
25.4 day after tomorrow kaʾabej
25.5 until day after tomorrow hasta kaʾabej
25.6 she has a lot of work jach yaʾab u meyaj
25 José Well, she canʾt come until the day after tomorrow because she has a lot of work. Pues, letiʾeʾ maʾ tu páajtal u taal hasta kaʾabej tumen jach yaʾab u meyaj.
Pues, leti'e' ma' tu páajtal u taal hasta ka'abej tumen jach ya'ab u meyaj.
Pwes, leti'e ma' tu páajtal u tàal 'asta ká'abej tumen jach ya'ab u meyaj.
26.1 she told us [that]... tu yaʾalaj toʾoneʾ
26.2 she is thinking [of it] táan u tukulik
26.3 she is thinking of coming táan u tukulik u taal
26.4 she comes to chat ku taal tsikbal
26.5 sheʾs thinking of coming to chat with you táan u tukulik u taal tsikbal ta wéetel
26 José But she told us she is intending to come to chat with you. Pero tu yaʾalaj toʾoneʾ táan u tukulik u taal tsikbal ta wéetel.
Pero tu ya'alaj to'one' táan u tukulik u taal tsikbal ti' a wéetel.
Peroj tí 'alaj to'one táan u tuklik u tàal tsikbal ta wéetel.
27.1 I think that... in tukulikeʾ
27.2 I think that she... in tukulikeʾ letiʾeʾ
27.3 worker (male) meyjil máak
27.4 woman koʾolel
27.5 worker (female) x-meyjil koʾolel
27.6 [a] real worker jach x-meyjil koʾolel
27 Marcelino I think that she is a real worker, donʾt you agree? In tukulikeʾ letiʾeʾ jach x-meyjil koʾolel, máasimaʾ.
In tukulike' leti'e' jach x-meyjil ko'olel, máasima'.
In tuklike leti'e jach x-meyjil ko'olel, máasima'.
28.1 sheʾs it! (thatʾs right!) letiʾ
28.2 you are thus beyechoʾ
28.3 you (pl.) are thus beyeʾexoʾ
28.4 we are thus beyoʾonoʾ
28.5 [he] is thus beyoʾ
28 José Yes, like you, Don Marcelino, [and] like your wife, too. Letiʾ, beyechoʾ Don Marcelino, bey a watan xanoʾ.
Leti', beyecho' Don Marcelino, bey a watan xano'.
Leti', beyecho' don marselínoj, bey a watan xano'.
29.1 you (pl.) are real workers jach meyjil máakeʾex
29.2 [heʾs] a real worker jach meyjil máak
29.3 Iʾm a real worker jach meyjil máaken
29.4 Iʾm not a real worker maʾ jach meyjil máakeniʾ
29.5 old (male) viejo
29.6 old (female) vieja
29.7 Iʾm rather old chan viejoen
29 Marcelino Iʾm not such a worker. Iʾm a bit old. Maʾ jach meyjil máakeniʾ. Chan viejoen.
Ma' jach meyjil máakeni'. Chan viejoen.
Má jach meyjil máakeni'. Cham byèejóen.
30.1 you both... teʾex kaʾa túuleʾexeʾ
30.2 in truth... tu jaajileʾ
30.3 worker (male) trabajador
30.4 worker (female) trabajadora
30.5 workers (male or mixed) trabajadores
30.6 you are real workers jach trabajadoreseʾex
30 José No, indeed. You both are indeed real workers. Maʾ tech. Teʾex kaʾa túuleʾexeʾ tu jaajileʾ jach trabajadoreseʾex.
Ma'aj tech. Te'ex ka'a túule'exe' tu jaajile' jach trabajadorese'ex.
Ma'a tech. Te'ex ká'a túule'exe' tu jàajile jach trábajadòorese'ex.