Lesson 9: Conversation


José and Alberto arrive at Marcelino's house, are greeted by Marcelino, and are asked to come in. Marcelino asks José how they are. José says they are fine. Alberto, José's older brother, says he's happy to see Marcelino. Marcelino says he's happy to see them. He asks if they would like some chocolate. They accept. Marcelino asks if they like chocolate as they make it in Yucatan. José says they do. Marcelino says he's glad that José and Alberto are getting acquainted with Yucatan. José and Alberto invite Marcelino to visit them in their house. Marcelino says fine and asks when would be a good time. Alberto asks if tomorrow evening would be a good time for him. Marcelino replies that it would. José and Alberto says they will be very happy to see him.


Marcelino, approaching José and Alberto's house, calls to them, and asks whether they're at home. José answers from within, saying yes they are. Marcelino asks what they're doing. José says they aren't doing anything, that he should come in, that he is in his house. Marcelino thanks them and goes in. José asks him to sit down and chat awhile. Marcelino thanks him and sits down. Marcelino says to José and Alberto that their house is very nice. Marcelino asks José how it goes with his Maya. José says he is learning a little every day. Alberto says he, too, is learning. Marcelino offers to help them if they wish. They thank him.


Marcelino asks José if his fellow-workers are learning Maya, too. José says they are, but that no one is helping them. Marcelino says he will be glad to help them, if they wish. José notes that this is the first time Marcelino has come to visit him. Alberto asks whether José's sister came to visit him yesterday. José says no, but that she will be coming tomorrow, from Mexico City. She works there. Marcelino says that she is a [very hard] worker. He says that they all [José and his sister] are [hard] workers. José declines the compliment, saying that he is a little old.