Lesson 7: Conversation


José arrives at Hernán's store and says good day. Hernán returns his greeting and asks him how he is. José says he's fine. Hernán asks him what he wants to buy. José replies that he needs a few things and he asks Hernán what Hernán wants him to buy. Hernán says he should buy everything he has in the store. José explains that he just wants to chat with him, that he only came to visit. Then Hernán tells him to be seated. José asks how one says soga (rope) in Maya. Hernán says it's called suum. José then says he needs some rope, asks how much it is. Hernán tells him it only costs seven pesos.


José tells Hernán that he has forgotten how one says chocolate in Maya. Hernán tells him it's chukwa' and tells José that he has honey, too, if José needs it. José asks him how one says kaab in English. Hernán replies that it's honey in English. José says he needs chocolate, honey, bananas and a bucket; José says he's thirsty and Hernán says he has water. José says fine, give me a little drinking water. Hernán gives it to him and José thanks him. Hernán asks him if he needs anything else. José says no, that he's going to see his companions, and takes his leave.


As José turns to leave, Hernán says that if José likes, he will take him to see his house. José says he has lots of things to carry. Hernán says he will help him with them. José says that's fine but that his companions are waiting for him. Hernán tells him to bring his companions, too, to visit his house. They pick up the companions and when they reach Hernán's house, he tells them to come in, that his house is theirs. José says he likes the house. Hernán asks them what they will drink. José says he likes the chocolate there in Yucatan. Hernán brings chocolate, they drink, and take their leave.