Lesson 10: Basic Sentences

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1.1 he is (in a place) yaan
1.2 you are (in a place) yanech
1.3 where are you? tuʾux yanech
1 José Where are you, Don Hernán? Tuʾux yanech, Don Hernán.
Tu'ux yanech, Don Hernán.
Tu'ux yanech, don 'ernan.
2.1 I am (in a place) yanen
2.2 Iʾm here way yaneneʾ
2.3 bring yourself near natsʾ a ba
2 Hernán Here I am, Don José, come over here! What do you say? Way yaneneʾ, Don José, natsʾ a ba. Baʾax ka waʾalik.
Way yanene'Don Josénats' a ba. Ba'ax ka wa'alik.
Way yanene', don jose, nats' a báaj. Ba'ax ka wa'alik.
3 José Nothing. (And) how are you? Chéen mix baʾal. Bix yanilech.
Chéen mix ba'al. Bix yanilech.
Chéen mix ba'al. Bix yanilech.
4.1 I sense myself kin wuʾuyik in ba
4.2 I sense myself sick kʾojaʾan in wuʾuyik in ba
4.3 I sense myself well maʾalob in wuʾuyik in ba
4.4 I donʾt sense myself well maʾ maʾalob in wuʾuyik in baiʾ
4 Hernán I donʾt feel very well. Maʾ jach maʾalob in wuʾuyik in baiʾ.
Ma' jach ma'alob in wu'uyik in bai'.
Má jach ma'alob in wu'uyk im bái'.
5.1 if you see [it]… wa ka wileʾ
5.2 [heʾs] cold keʾel
5.3 Iʾm cold keʾelen
5 Hernán As you [can] see, Iʾm very cold. Wáa ka wileʾ teneʾ jach keʾelen.
Wáa ka wile' tene' jach ke'elen.
Wá ka wile tene jach ke'elen.
6.1 youʾre cold keʾelech
6.2 you, youʾre cold techeʾ keʾelech
6.3 [heʾs] sweaty kʾíilkab
6.4 Iʾm sweaty kʾíilkaben
6.5 me, Iʾm sweaty teneʾ kʾíilkaben
6 José Youʾre cold? Me, Iʾm sweaty. ¿Techeʾ keʾelech? Teneʾ kʾíilkaben.
¿Teche' ke'elech? Tene' k'íilkaben.
¿Teche ke'elech? Tene k'íilkaben.
7.1 [itʾs] because tumen
7.2 somewhat kʾas
7.3 heʾs sick kʾojaʾan
7.4 Iʾm somewhat sick kʾas kʾojaʾanen
7 Hernán Well, but itʾs because Iʾm somewhat sick. Bueno, pero tumen teneʾ kʾas kʾojaʾanen.
Bueno, pero tumen tene' k'as k'oja'anen.
Bweno, pero tumen tene k'as k'oja'anen.
8.1 youʾre sick kʾojaʾanech
8.2 youʾre not very sick maʾ jach kʾojaʾanechiʾ
8.3 heʾs tired kaʾanaʾan
8.4 youʾre tired kaʾanaʾanech
8 José I think youʾre not really sick, youʾre just tired. Míin maʾ jach kʾojaʾanechiʾ, chéen kaʾanaʾanech.
Míin ma' jach k'oja'anechi', chéen ka'ana'anech.
Míin má jach k'oja'anechi', chen ka'ana'anech.
9.1 he rests ku jeʾelel
9.2 he rests [it] ku jeʾelsik
9.3 he rests you ku jeʾelsikech
9.4 he rests himself ku jeʾelsik u ba
9.5 you rest yourself ka jeʾelsik a ba
9.6 you rest yourself more ka más jeʾelsik a ba
9 José You need to rest more. Kʾabéet a más jeʾelsik a ba.
K'abéet a más je'elsik a báaj.
K'abét a màas je'esk a báaj.
10.1 [one] should ku deber
10.2 you lie down ka chital
10.3 you should lie down ku deber a chital
10.4 you stand up ka waʾatal
10.5 a little un pʾíit
10.6 hour, while hora
10.7 there teʾeloʾ
10.8 there in your hammock teʾ ta kʾaanoʾ
10 José You should lie down a little while there in your hammock. Ku deber a chital un pʾíit hora teʾ ta kʾaanoʾ.
Ku deber a chi[l]tal un p'íit hora te' ti' a k'aano'.
Ku deber a chital um p'íit 'òoraj té' ta k'àano'.
11.1 kind; heʾs kind uts
11.2 youʾre very kind jach utsech
11.3 time tiempo
11.4 thereʾs no time minaʾan tiempo
11.5 for [it] u tiʾaʾal
11.6 in order for me to rest myself u tiʾaʾal in jeʾelsik in ba
11 Hernán Youʾre very kind, Don José. The only thing is, there is no time for me to rest [myself]. Jach utsech Don José, chéen baʾaleʾ minaʾan tiempo u tiʾaʾal in jeʾelsik in ba.
Jach utsech Don José, chéen ba'ale' mina'an tiempo u ti'a'al in je'elsik in ba.
Jach 'utsech don jose, chem ba'ale mina'an tyèempo 'u tí'al in je'esk im báaj.
12.1 there tiʾiʾ
12.2 you are there tiʾ yanechiʾ
12.3 heʾs there tiʾaniʾ
12.4 there tiʾeʾ
12.5 heʾs there in his house tiʾan tu yotocheʾ
12.6 is he is his house? tiʾan wáa t yotocheʾ
12 José Is Marcelino (there) at home? Tiʾan wáa Marcelino tu yotocheʾ.
Ti' yaan wáaj Marcelino ti' u yotoche'.
Tí'an wá máarselìino t yotoche'.
13.1 he isnʾt there maʾ tiʾaniʾ
13.2 presence (place) iknal
13.3 at his place tu yiknal
13.4 brother-in-law cuñado
13.5 sister-in-law cuñada
13.6 at his brother-in-lawʾs tu yiknal u cuñado
13 Hernán He isnʾt there; I believe heʾs there at his brother-in-lawʾs. Maʾ tiʾaniʾ. Míin tiʾ yaan tu yiknal u cuñadoeʾ.
Ma' ti' yaani'. Míin ti' yaan ti' u yiknal u cuñadoe'.
Má' tí àani'. Míin tí yàan tiknal u kunyàadoje'.
14.1 what time baʾax hora
14.2 what time will he return here? baʾax hora u suut wayeʾ
14 José Do you know what time heʾll come back here? A wojel baʾax hora u suut wayeʾ.
A wojel ba'ax hora u suut waye'.
A wojel ba'ax 'òora u sùut waye'.
15.1 [at] one oʾclock la una
15.2 two oʾclock las dos
15.3 eight oʾclock las ocho
15.4 nine oʾclock las nueve
15.5 ten oʾclock las diez
15.6 eleven oʾclock las once
15.7 twelve oʾclock las doce
15.8 eight-thirty las ocho y media
15.9 nine-thirty las nueve y media
15 Hernán I think about eight or eight-thirty. Míin las ocho wa las ocho y media.
Míin las ocho wa las ocho y media.
Míin lás òocho wá lás òocho i mèedyaj.
16.1 morning jaʾatskab kʾiin
16.2 in the morning... jaʾatskab kʾiineʾ
16 Hernán In the morning he has to go to Mérida. Jaʾatskab kʾiineʾ yan u bin Joʾ.
Ja'atskab k'iine' yan u bin Jo'.
Ja'atskab k'ìine yan u bin jo'.
17.1 to as far as or from as far as tak
17 José Heʾs going as far as Mérida? ¿Tak Joʾ ku bin?
¿Tak Jo' ku bin?
¿Tak jo' ku bin?
18.1 remember kʾaʾajal
18.2 (cause to) remember [it] kʾaʾajsej
18.3 remind me! kʾaʾajs teen
18.4 that reminds me [of it] leloʾ ku kʾaʾajsik teen
18.5 I send [it] kin túuxtik
18.6 letter carta
18.7 I need to send a letter kʾabéet in túuxtik un pʾéel carta
18 José That reminds me, I need to send a letter. Leloʾ ku kʾaʾajsik teen, kʾabéet in túuxtik un pʾéel carta.
Lelo' ku k'a'ajsik ten, k'abéet in túuxtik un p'éel carta.
Lelo' ku k'a'ajsik ten, k'abét in túuxtik um p'é kàartaj.
19 Hernán To whom? Máax tiʾ.
Máax ti'.
Máax tí'.
20.1 sheʾs thinking of me tun tukuliken
20.2 sheʾs worrying about me tun seen tukuliken
20 José To my mother. Sheʾs really worrying about me. Tiʾ in mama, jach tun seen tukuliken.
Ti' in mama, jach táan u seen tukuliken.
Tí in màamaj, jach tun sèen tukliken.
21.1 you received [it] ta kʾamaj
21.2 from [her] tiʾ
21.3 Monday lunes
21.4 last Monday lunesjéak
21.5 Tuesday martes
21.6 Wednesday miércoles
21.7 Thursday jueves
21.8 Friday viernes
21.9 Saturday sábado
21.10 Sunday domingo
21.11 last night okʾonjej
21 Hernán You got a letter from her last Monday, didnʾt you? Ta kʾamaj un pʾéel carta tiʾ lunesjéak, máasimaʾ.
Ta k'amaj un p'éel carta ti' lunesjeak, máasima'.
Ta k'amaj um p'é kàartaj tí' lùunesjéak, máasima'.
22.1 sure míimaʾak
22 José Sure! I did! Míimaʾak tin kʾamaj.
Míima'ak tin k'amaj.
Míima'ak tin k'amaj.
23 Hernán Is your mother still sick? ¿Láiliʾ kʾojaʾan a mamaeʾ?
¿Láili' k'oja'an a mamaje'?
¿Láili' k'oja'an a mamaje'?
24.1 I recover (become well) kin wutstal
24.2 sheʾs recovered tsʾoʾok u yutstal
24 José No, sheʾs recovered. Maʾ, tsʾoʾok u yutstal.
Ma', ts'o'ok u yutstal.
Má', ts'o'ok yutstal.
25.1 religion religión
25.2 your (pl.) religion a religión teʾex
25.3 what is your (pl.) religion baʾax a religión teʾex
25.4 [heʾs] Catholic católico
25.5 you (pl.)ʾre Catholics católicoeʾex
25.6 [heʾs] Protestant protestante
25.7 you (pl.)ʾre Protestants protestanteʾex
25.8 are you Catholics or Protestants? católicojeʾex wa protestanteʾex
25 Hernán Whatʾs your religion? Are you Catholics or Protestants? Baʾax a religión teʾex, católicoeʾex wa protestanteʾex.
Ba'ax a religión te'ex, Católicoe'ex wáaj Protestantee'ex.
Ba'ax a réylijyòon te'ex, katòolikoex wá próotestàantéex.
26.1 of tiʾ
26.2 some of us... tsʾeʾetsʾek tiʾ toʾoneʾ
26.3 weʾre Catholics católicoʾon
26.4 theyʾre Catholics católicoʾob
26.5 some too... tsʾeʾetsʾek xaneʾ
26.6 they are Protestants protestanteoʾob
26 José As a matter of fact, some of us are Catholics, some, too, are Protestants. Tóojkabileʾ tsʾeʾetsʾek tiʾ toʾoneʾ católicoʾob, tsʾeʾetsʾek xaneʾ protestanteoʾob.
Tóojkabile' ts'e'ets'ek ti' to'one' Católicoo'ob, ts'e'ets'ek xane' Protestanteo'ob.
Tóojkabile' ts'e'ets'ek tí' to'one katòolikóob, ts'e'ets'ek xane protestantéob.
27.1 I study kin xook
27.2 I study [it] kin xokik
27 José Say, Don Hernán, I have to go study. Uʾuyej Don Hernán, kʾabéet in bin j xook.
U'uyej Don Hernán, k'abéet in bin j xook.
'Uyej don 'ernán, k'abét im bin j xòok.
28.1 perhaps (not long) maʾ xaaniʾ
28.2 I see myself kin wilik in ba
28.3 you see yourselves or you see each other ka a wilik a baeʾex
28.4 they see themselves or they see each other ku yilik u baoʾob
28.5 we see ourselves or we see each other k ilik k baj
28.6 perhaps Iʾll see [it] maʾ xaan in wilikiʾ
28.7 perhaps weʾll see each other maʾ xaan k ilik baiʾ.
28.8 evening ookʾin
28 Hernán Perhaps weʾll see each other tonight. Maʾ xaan k ilik ba ookʾiniʾ.
Ma' xan k ilik k ba ook'ini'.
Má xàan k 'ilik bá 'òok'ini'.
29.1 well then maʾalob túun
29.2 later kaʾakaʾat
29.3 [see] you later kaʾakaʾatech
29 José Well then, see you later. Bueno entonces kaʾakaʾatech.
Bueno entonces ka'aka'atech.
Bweno 'entonses ka'aka'tech.