Lesson 10: Conversation


José finds himself at the door of Don Hernán's house. He calls to inquire where Don Hernán is. Don Hernán replies that he is there and suggests that he approach. José asks what he is doing. Hernán replies that he isn't doing anything. José asks why. Hernán says he doesn't feel well. José asks what's the matter with him. Hernán says he's cold. José says he's sweaty. Hernán says he's a little sick. José says he needs to rest more and suggests that he lie down in his hammock for a while. But Hernán declines saying he doesn't have time to rest. But José says if he feels ill, he should lie down.


José asks whether Marcelino's at home. Hernán says he isn't there now, but that he probably is at his brother-in-law's house. José asks Hernán how Hernán's sister is. Hernán says that she isn't feeling well, that she needs to rest. José asks when Marcelino will come back. Hernán says he thinks he'll be back about two o'clock, because in the evening he has to go to Mérida. Hernán says he thinks he's going shopping. José remarks that that reminds him that he has to send a letter to his mother, that she's worrying about him. Hernán asks whether he got a letter from her last Wednesday. José says no, he received the letter last Sunday. Hernán asks whether José's mother is still sick. José says no, that she's well now.


Hernán asks José what his religion is. José avoids the question replying that some of them are Catholics and some are Protestants. Hernán says that in his town, too, some are Catholics and some are Protestants. José says he has to go study. Hernán says perhaps they'll see each other that evening. José says no, he has to go to Xocempich, but that he'll be back tomorrow. Hernán asks whether he has a great deal of studying. José replies that he doesn't have much, but that he must do it by eight o'clock. Hernán says that he will tell Marcelino that José came to visit and José takes his leave.