Lesson 13: Basic Sentences

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1.1 I pass kin máan
1.2 I pass [it] kin máansik
1.3 what passes? baʾax ku máan
1.4 today u kʾiin
1.5 what passes today? baʾax ku máan u kʾiin
1 José Hi, Don Marcelino! Whatʾs new? Hola Don Marcelino, baʾax ku máan u kʾiin.
Hola Don Marcelino, ba'ax ku máan u k'iin.
Ólaj don marcelino, ba'ax ku máan u k'ìin.
2.1 I came to tell you [it] j taalen in waʾal teech
2.2 that he come over ka kʾuchuk
2.3 that he leave ka jóokʾok
2.4 that he enter ka okok
2.5 that he come ka talak
2.6 that you come ka talakech
2.7 that you come to see [him] ka talakech a wilej
2.8 that you come to see my father ka talakech a wil in papa
2 Marcelino Well, as a matter of fact, Don José, I came to tell you to come and see my father. Pues tóojkabileʾ Don José, j taalen in waʾal teech ka talakech a wil in papa.
Pues tóojkabile' Don José, j taalen in wa'al teech ka'aj talakech a wil in papa.
Pwes tóojkabile don josej, j taalen in wa'al tech ká talakech a wil im papaj.
3.1 itʾs two days tsʾoʾok kaʾa pʾéel kʾiin
3.2 he took sick kʾojaʾanchajij
3.3 itʾs two days [since] he took sick tsʾoʾok kaʾa pʾéel kʾiin kʾojaʾanchajak
3 Marcelino Itʾs two days since he took really sick. Yaan kaʾa pʾéel kʾiin seen kʾojaʾachajak.
Yaan ka'a p'éel k'iin seen k'oja'achajak.
Yan ká'a p'é k'ìin sèen k'oja'achajak.
4.1 heʾs gotten well tsʾoʾok u maʾalobchajal
4.2 he hasnʾt gotten well maʾ maʾalobchajakiʾ
4.3 that father of yours hasnʾt gotten well maʾ maʾalobchajak a papaoʾ
4 José Hasnʾt your father gotten well, Marcelino? Maʾ wáa maʾalobchajak a papaoʾ, Marcelino.
Ma' wáa ma'alobchajak a papao', Marcelino.
Má wá ma'alobchajak a papajo, marselíno.
5.1 heʾs getting sick tun kʾojaʾantal
5.2 heʾs getting more so tun mástal
5.3 worse peor
5.4 heʾs getting worse tun peorchajal
5.5 as I see [it]... teneʾ in wilikeʾ
5 José Well, no. As I see it, heʾs getting worse. Pues, maʾ. Teneʾ in wilikeʾ tun peorchajal.
Pues, ma'. Tene' in wilike' táan u peorchajal.
Pwes, ma'. Tene 'in wilke túm péorchajal.
6.1 right away beʾooráaʾ
6.2 Iʾll come right away beʾoora kin taalaʾ
6.3 Iʾll come to see [him] right away beʾoora kin taal in wilaʾ
6 José Iʾll come to see him right away. Tell him. Beʾoorá kin taal in wilaʾ. Aʾal tiʾ.
Be'oorá kin taal in wila'A'al ti'.
Be'òorá kin tàal in wila'. A'al tí'.
7.1 O.K., then jeʾeloʾ
7 Marcelino O.K. then, I guess Iʾll go. Jeʾeloʾ, paʾatik in bin.
Je'elo', pa'atik in bin.
Je'elo, pa'atik in bin.
8.1 here it is jeʾelaʾ
8.2 here I am jeʾelenaʾ
8.3 here I came jeʾ j taalenaʾ
8.4 here I came to see [him] jeʾ j taalen in wilaʾ
8.5 big, grand nojoch
8 José Here I am to see the grand [old] man... Jeʾ j taalen in wil le nojoch máakaʾ.
Je'el j taalen in wil le nojoch máaka'.
Jé j tàalen in wil e nojoch máaka'.
9.1 slow xaan
9.2 you spend time, stay, delay ka xáantal
9.3 you spent time xáanchajech
9.4 here he is jeʾe letiʾaʾ
9 Marcelino You didnʾt take very long. Here he is. Maʾ jach xáanchajechiʾ. Jeʾe letiʾaʾ.
Ma' jach xáanchajechi'. Je'el leti'a'.
Ma' jach xáanchajechi'. Jé'e leti'a'.
10.1 it happens ku yúuchul
10.2 what happened baʾax úuchij
10.3 what happened to you? baʾax úuch teech
10.4 you recognize me a kʾajóolen
10.5 who am I? máaxen
10.6 you know who I am a wojel máaxen
10 José Good morning, Don Pedro. What happened to you? Do you recognize me? Do you know who I am? Buenos días, Don Pedro. Baʾax úuch teech. ¿A kʾajóolen? A wojel máaxen.
Buenos días, Don Pedro. Ba'ax úuch teech. ¿A k'ajóolen? A wojel máaxen.
Bwenos días, don pedroj. Ba'ax úuch tech. ¿'A k'ajóolen? 'A wojel máaxen.
11.1 long ago úuchij
11.2 Iʾve seen [it] long ago úuch in wilej
11.3 Iʾve seen you long ago úuch in wilech
11.4 I havenʾt seen you maʾ in wilechiʾ
11 Don Pedro Yes, I know. Really though, itʾs been a long time since Iʾve seen you, Don José. Jaaj, in wojel. Jach túun úuch in wilech Don José.
Jaaj, in wojel. Jach túun úuch in wilech Don José.
Jàaj, 'in wojel. Jach túun úuch in wilech don josej.
12.1 yes, of course jaajiʾixtakoʾ
12.2 long ago we have seen each other úuch k il k ba
12.3 we havenʾt seen each other maʾ k il k baiʾ
12 José Yes, it sure has. We havenʾt seen each other for a long time. Jaajiʾixtakoʾ. Úuch k il ba.
Jaaji'ixtako'. Úuch k il báaj.
Jàaji'ixtako'. 'Úuch k il báaj.
13.1 since desde
13.2 since long ago desde úuchij
13.3 since long ago youʾve been sick desde úuch kʾojaʾanchajakech
13 José Really, youʾve been sick for a long time, havenʾt you? Jach desde úuch kʾojaʾanchajakech, máasimaʾ.
Jach desde úuch k'oja'anchajakech, máasima'.
Jach destej úuch k'oja'anchajkech, máasima'.
14.1 just how long jach jay pʾéel kʾiin
14.2 how long have you been sick jay pʾéel kʾiin kʾojaʾanchajakech
14.3 how long were you sick jay pʾéel kʾiin kʾojaʾanchajech
14 José Just how long have you been sick here? Jach jay pʾéel kʾiin kʾojaʾanchajakech wayeʾ.
Jach jay p'éel k'iin k'oja'anchajakech waye'.
Jach jay p'é k'ìin k'oja'anchajkech waye'.
15.1 brother hermano
15.2 there is ku yantal
15.3 there has been time tsʾoʾok u yantal kʾiin
15 Don Pedro Well, brother, itʾs been quite a while. Pues, hermano, tsʾoʾok u yantal kʾiin.
Pues, hermano, ts'o'ok u yantal k'iin.
Pwes, 'ermánoj, ts'o'ok u yantal k'ìin.
16.1 even though it be; more or less kex
16.2 I think itʾs been more or less two months míin yaan kex dos meses
16.3 I donʾt feel well maʾ maʾalob in wuʾuyik in baiʾ
16 Don Pedro I think itʾs been about two months [that] I havenʾt felt well. Míin yaan kex dos meses maʾ maʾalob in wuʾuyik in baiʾ.
Míin yaan kex dos meses ma' ma'alob in wu'uyik in bai'.
Míin yàan kex dòos meses má ma'alob in wu'uyk in bái'.
17.1 the month of September u mesil septiembre
17.2 October octubre
17.3 November noviembre
17.4 December diciembre
17.5 January enero
17.6 February febrero
17.7 March marzo
17.8 April abril
17.9 May mayo
17.10 June junio
17.11 July julio
17.12 August agosto
17 Don Pedro Iʾve been here since the month of September Desde u mesil septiembre yanaken wayeʾ.
Desde u mesil septiembre yanaken waye'.
Desdej u mèesil septyembrej yanaken waye'.
18.1 there is [someone] to or from whom... yaan máax tiʾ
18.2 you fetch [it] ka chʾaʾik
18.3 medicine tsʾaak
18.4 he heals or treats ku tsʾaak
18.5 he cures or treats [him] ku tsʾakik
18 José Is there someone from whom you get medicine? Yaan wáa máax tiʾ ka chʾaʾik tsʾaak.
Yaan wáa máax ti' ka ch'a'ik ts'aak.
Yan wá máax ti' ka ch'áik ts'àak.
19.1 itʾs boiling tun chaak
19.2 sheʾs boiling [it] tun chakik
19.3 herb xíiw
19.4 she boiled herbs tu chakaj xíiwoʾob
19.5 she boiled me herbs to drink tu chakaj teen xíiwoʾob in wukʾej
19.6 Doña Margarita Doña Margarita
19 Don Pedro Not now, but Doña Margarita boiled me [some] herbs to drink... Bejlaʾeʾ maʾ, pero Doña Margarita tu chakaj teen xíiwoʾob in wukʾej.
Bejla'e ma', pero Doña Margarita tu chakaj teen xíiwo'ob in wuk'ej.
Bejla'e' ma', peroj donya máargarìitaj tu chakaj ten xíiwo'ob in wuk'ej.
20.1 youʾre getting well tan wutstal
20.2 you didnʾt get well maʾ utschajechiʾ
20.3 you havenʾt gotten well maʾ utschajakechiʾ
20 José But you didnʾt get well with it? Pero maʾ utschajech yéeteliʾ.
Pero mautschajech yéeteli'.
Peroj ma' utschajech yéeteli'.
21.1 not one [bit of] good mix un pʾéel uts
21.2 it did for me tu beetaj teen
21 Don Pedro No, it didnʾt do me any good. Maʾa tech, mix un pʾéel uts tu beetaj teen.
Ma'a tech, mix un p'éel uts tu beetaj teen.
Má'a tech, mix um p'é 'uts tu bèetaj ten.
22.1 it seems to me... bey in wóoleʾ
22.2 itʾs better that you go más maʾalob ka xiʾikech
22.3 hospital hospital
22.4 that you go to the hospital ka xiʾikech hospital
22.5 that you enter the hospital ka okokech hospital
22.6 that you leave the hospital ka jóokʾokech hospital
22 José It seems to me itʾs better for you to go to the hospital. Bey in wóol más maʾalob ka xiʾikech hospitaleʾ.
Bey in wóol más ma'alob ka'aj xi'ikech hospitale'.
Bey in wóol màas ma'alob ká xi'ikech 'ospitàale'.
23.1 doctor doctor
23.2 Iʾve been to the doctor tsʾoʾok in bin doctor
23.3 expensive koʾoj
23.4 the payment [of] there u boʾolil le teʾeloʾ
23 Don Pedro Well, I have gone to the Doctor, but the cost there is very high. Pues, tsʾoʾok in bin doctor pero jach koʾoj u boʾolil le teʾeloʾ.
Pues, ts'o'ok in bin doctor pero jach ko'oj u bo'olil le te'elo'.
Pwes, ts'o'ok in bin doktòor peroj jach ko'oj 'u bo'olil le te'elo'.
24.1 clear... claro
24.2 if you want to get well... wa a kʾáat utstaleʾ
24.3 it has to cost you yan u tojoltik teech
24 José True, but if you want to recover, it has to cost you. Claro, pero wa a kʾáat utstaleʾ, yan u tojoltik teech.
Claro, pero wa a k'áat utstale', yan u tojoltik teech.
Klároj, peroj wá a k'áat utstale, yan u tojoltik tech.
25.1 it took time, it lasted xáanchajij
25.2 you are getting medicine táan a chʾaʾik tsʾaak
25.3 youʾve been getting medicine for long xáanchaj táan a chʾaʾik tsʾaak
25 José Have you been getting medicine for long from that woman? Xáanchaj wáa táan a chʾaʾik tsʾaak tiʾ le koʾoleloʾ.
Xáanchaj wáa táan a ch'a'ik ts'aak ti' le ko'olelo'.
Xáanchaj wá táan a ch'a'ik ts'àak tí' le ko'olelo'.
26.1 it didnʾt last maʾ xáanchajiʾ
26 Don Pedro No, not for long, really only a few days. Maʾ, maʾ xáanchajiʾ, jach chéen tsʾeʾetsʾek kʾiin.
Ma', ma' xáanchaji', jach chéen ts'e'ets'ek k'iin.
Má', má' xáanchaji', jach chéen ts'e'ets'ej k'ìin.
27.1 you want me to go a kʾáat ka xiʾiken
27.2 that I go get medicine ka xiʾiken in chʾaʾ tsʾaak
27 José Well, do you want me to go and get medicine? ¿Bueno, a kʾáat ka xiʾiken in chʾaʾ tsʾaak?
¿Bueno, a k'áat ka'aj xi'iken in ch'a' ts'aak?
¿Bwenoj, 'a k'áat ká xi'iken in ch'á ts'àak?
28.1 happen úuchul
28.2 if it happens to be possible... wa úuchak u páajtaleʾ
28.3 thatʾs what I want le in kʾáatiʾ
28 Don Pedro If it happens to be possible, brother, thatʾs what I want... Wa úuchak u páajtaleʾ hermano le in kʾáatiʾ.
Wáa úuchak u páajtale' hermano le in k'áati'.
Wá 'úuchak u páajtale 'ermanoj le in k'áati'.
29 Marcelino He has really become ill, hasnʾt he? Tsʾoʾok u jach kʾojaʾantal, máasimaʾ.
Ts'o'ok u jach k'oja'antal, máasima'.
Ts'o'ok u jach k'oja'antal, máasima'.
30.1 I believe [it] kin creertik
30.2 I believe that... in creertikeʾ
30.3 this medicine Iʾll give him le tsʾaak ken in tsʾa tiʾaʾ
30 José Yes, but I believe heʾll recover with the medicine Iʾm going to give to him. Tsʾoʾokij, pero in creertikeʾ jeʾ u yutstal yéetel le tsʾaak ken in tsʾa tiʾaʾ.
Ts'o'okij, pero in creertike' je'el u yutstal yéetel le ts'aak ken in ts'a ti'a'.
Ts'o'okij, pero in kréertike je' u yutstal y éetel le ts'aak ken in ts'á tí'a'.
31.1 sure jeʾeleʾ
31 Marcelino Sure, I think so. In tukulikeʾ jeʾeleʾ.
In tukulike' je'ele'.
'In tuklike' je'ele'.
32.1 he tells me ku tsikbaltik teen
32.2 if he recovers... wa u yutstaleʾ
32.3 if he recovered... wa utschajeʾ
32.4 if he should recover... wa ka utschajakeʾ
32.5 janalicol u jaanalil kool
32.6 he will make janalicol ku beetik u jaanalil kool
32 Marcelino He told me that if he should get well, heʾll make janalicol. Tu tsikbaltaj teneʾ wáa ka utschajakeʾ ku beetik u jaanlil kool.
Tu tsikbaltaj tene' wáa ka'aj utschajake' ku beetik u jaanlil kool.
Tu tsikbaltaj tene' wá ká utschajake' ku bèetik u jàanli kòol.
33.1 soon, fast séeb
33.2 may you get well! ka utschajakech
33.3 may you get well soon! ka séeb utschajakech
33 José Well, Don Pedro, may you get well soon! Bueno, Don Pedro, ka séeb utschajakech.
Bueno, Don Pedro, ka'aj séeb utschajakech.
Bwenoj, don pedroj, ká séeb utschajkech.