Lesson 13: Conversation


Marcelino arrives at José's house and says good afternoon. José returns the greeting and asks what's new. Marcelino says nothing. He explains that he just came to invite him to go to see his (sick) father. José inquires why. Marcelino says his father wishes to speak with him. José asks what's the matter with him. Marcelino says that his father has been ill for days now. José asks Marcelino if his father is still ill. Marcelino says he is and that he seems to be getting worse. José says he had better go see him right away. José asks Marcelino to tell him that. Marcelino thanks him and takes his leave. José says he won't delay.


José arrives at Marcelino's house and says he has come to see the master of the house (nojoch máak). Marcelino observes that he really didn't delay and shows him where his father is. José approaches Don Pedro and asks him how he feels. Don Pedro says he feels very ill. José asks Don Pedro if he recognizes him. Don Pedro says he does--that it's a long time since they last saw each other. José agrees and asks Don Pedro how long it's been since he's been ill. Don Pedro says it's been about two months. Marcelino asks José what he thinks. José says he seems to be very ill and should see a doctor. Marcelino asks José if he can bring Don Pedro some medicine. José says he can--he has a friend who's a doctor.


José asks Don Pedro if he's being given medicines by someone. Don Pedro says not at present, but that Doña Margarita had boiled some herbs for him to take. José asks him if they did him any good and Don Pedro says no. José says he thinks Don Pedro had better see a doctor and go to a hospital. Don Pedro says he did go once but that it was very expensive. José asks Don Pedro if he would like him to go to get some medicine for him. Don Pedro says he does, that he hopes that José will do him that favor. José tells Marcelino that Don Pedro does appear to be ill, but that he will surely get well with the medicine he'll bring him. Marcelino says he believes it.