Lesson 3: Drills

What would you say?

  1. Someone asks you how you like it here. He says:
    1. Bix a beel.
    2. Bix a wilik le wayaʾ.
    3. Bix a kʾaabaʾ a wíitsʾin.
  2. You reply that you like it very much. You say:
    1. Tooj in wóol.
    2. Jach kiʾimak in wóol.
    3. Seen uts tin wich.
  3. He asks whether it seems different to you:
    1. Jatsʾuts wáa a wilik.
    2. Jelaʾan wáa in wilik.
    3. Jelaʾan a wilik.
  4. You reply that it seems a bit strange:
    1. Oliʾ chan jelaʾan.
    2. Chéen un pʾíit in wojeliʾ.
    3. Jach jelaʾan in wilik.
  5. He asks if your brother knows Maya, too:
    1. A wojel mayaʾ tʾaan xan.
    2. U yojel maya a sukuʾun xan.
    3. Yojeloʾob maya a wíitsʾinoʾob xan.
  6. You reply that he understands a little:
    1. In kʾajóol letiʾ.
    2. Ku chan naʾatik un pʾíitiʾ.
    3. Ka chan naʾatik un pʾíitiʾ.
  7. He asks you to repeat. He says:
    1. Meent uts a kaʾa aʾalik.
    2. Maʾ tin wuʾuyaj tu beeliʾ.
    3. Maʾ tin naʾatik.
  8. You say you didn't quite hear what he said:
    1. Maʾ tin naʾatik a tʾaan.
    2. Maʾ tin naʾatiʾ.
    3. Maʾ tin wuʾuyaj tu beeliʾ.
  9. He asks how the Indian tongue sounds to you:
    1. Bix a wuʾuyik le máasewáal tʾaanaʾ.
    2. Bix a wilik le máasewáal tʾaanaʾ.
    3. Bix u yuʾubik le máasewáal tʾaanaʾ.
  10. You say it sounds nice:
    1. Jelaʾan in wilik.
    2. Jatsʾuts in wilik.
    3. Jatsʾuts in wuʾuyik.
  11. He asks how many languages you know:
    1. Jay pʾéel tʾaan a wojel.
    2. Jay túul máak a kʾajóol.
    3. Jay péel tʾaan u yojel.
  12. You say you only know three:
    1. Chéen kaʾa pʾéel.
    2. Chéen óox túul.
    3. Chéen óox pʾéel.
  13. He indicates someone at a distance and asks who she is:
    1. Máax leloʾ.
    2. Máax lelaʾ.
    3. Máax le máakaʾ.
  14. You reply that it is your older sister:
    1. Leloʾ in kiik.
    2. Leloʾ kʾíiwik.
    3. Leloʾ in sukuʾun.
  15. He asks what her name is:
    1. Jach kiʾichpam.
    2. Seen uts tin wich.
    3. Bix u kʾaabaʾ.
  16. You say her name is Luisa:
    1. Luisa u kʾaabaʾ.
    2. Luisa in kʾaabaʾ.
    3. Luisa u kʾaabaʾ.
  17. He asks Luisa to come:
    1. Meent uts a kaʾa aʾalik Luisa.
    2. Koʾoten wayeʾ, Luisa.
    3. Ka xiʾik teech utsil, Luisa.
  18. You say she didn't hear:
    1. Maʾ tin wuʾuyiʾ.
    2. Maʾ tu naʾatik a tʾaan.
    3. Maʾ t yuʾubiʾ.

How would you say it?

  1. How do you like it here?
  2. Does it look a bit strange to you?
  3. How does Maya sound to you?
  4. Does it sound nice?
  5. I like it.
  6. I didn't hear it right.
  7. Did you hear it right?
  8. We heard it, didn't we?
  9. There are four of us.
  10. There are two of us.
  11. I didn't see much.
  12. We didn't see much.
  13. You didn't see much.
  14. You saw a lot, didn't you?
  15. Did you see much?
  16. Where did you learn it?
  17. Where did she learn it?
  18. She learned it in Mexico.
  19. We learned it in Yucatan.