Lesson 3: Conversation


Jose asks Juan if Maya sounds strange to him. Juan doesn't understand the question. Jose repeats it. Juan asks him to repeat it more slowly. Instead Jose asks where Juan is from. I'm from Chicago Juan answers. Jose asks where he learned Maya and says he speaks it well. Juan denies that and says he learned it in Mexico. He says his older brother also learned Maya. His older sister learned it, too. Jose asks if they (Juan's brother and sister) understand Spanish, too. Juan says they do.


David introduces his sister to David. Her name is Margarita. Pedro asks where they are from. They are from Chicago. Pedro then asks if Margarita knows Maya. David answers that she knows a bit. But our younger brother, he says, speaks Maya very well. He learned it in Chicago. Pedro says: Is that so? Then he says he's glad to know them. He takes leave saying he guesses he'll go. David bids him farewell.