Lesson 2: Drills

What would you say?

  1. You ask some people where they are from. You say:
    1. Tuʾux ka bineʾex.
    2. Tuʾux a taaleʾex.
    3. Tuʾux u taaloʾob.
  2. They answer:
    1. Toʾoneʾ estados unidos k bin.
    2. Toʾoneʾ estados unidos k taal.
    3. Teʾexeʾ estados unidos a taaleʾex.
  3. You ask where a certain man is from. You say:
    1. Le máakoʾ, tuʾux ku bin.
    2. Le máakoʾoboʾ, tuʾux u taaloʾob.
    3. Le máakoʾ, tuʾux u taal.
  4. You ask if the man knows Maya. You say:
    1. Letiʾeʾ yojel wáa mayaʾ tʾaan.
    2. A wojeleʾex wáa mayaʾ tʾaan.
    3. Letiʾoʾobeʾ yojeloʾob wáa mayaʾ tʾaan.
  5. You are told he knows it a little:
    1. Chéen un pʾíit k ojeliʾ.
    2. Chéen un pʾíit yojeloʾobiʾ.
    3. Chéen un pʾíit yojeliʾ.
  6. I ask you what your co-worker's name is. I say:
    1. Bix u kʾaabaʾ a wéet meyaj.
    2. Bix u kʾaabaʾ u yéet meyaj.
    3. Bix u kʾaabaʾ in wéet meyaj.

How would you say it?

  1. Who is that man?
  2. Who are these men?
  3. What is your name?
  4. What is my name?
  5. What are their names?
  6. Where do you all come from?
  7. Where do you come from, Julio?
  8. Where does Julio come from?
  9. Do you all know Maya?
  10. Does he know Maya?
  11. Does Julio know Maya?
  12. Do you know it, Julio?
  13. Do you all know it?
  14. He is Jose's co-worker.
  15. He is Jose's younger brother.