Lesson 5: Basic Sentences

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1.1 listen! uʾuyej
1.2 listen (you pl.) uʾuyeʾex
1.3 weʾre going to do [it] k bin j beetej
1.4 today bejlaʾeʾ
1 Marcelino Listen, what are we gonna do today? Uʾuyeʾex, baʾan k bin j beet bejlaʾeʾ.
U'uye'ex, ba'ax k bin j beet bejla'e'.
U'uye'ex, ba'an k bin j bèet bejla'e'.
2.1 more of Maya u másil mayaʾ
2 José Letʾs learn more Maya! Koʾox kanik u másil mayaʾ.
Ko'ox kanik u másil maya'.
Ko'ox kanik u màasil màayaj.
3.1 anxious taak
3 Marcelino You (plural)ʾre anxious to learn it. Taak a kanikeʾex.
Taak a kanike'ex.
Tàak a kanke'ex.
4a.1 one will jeʾeleʾ
4a.2 you (pl.) will learn [it] jeʾel a kanikeʾexeʾ
4a.3 tell [it]! aʾalej
4a.4 tell [it] to me! aʾal tiʾ teen
4a.5 that (there) le jeʾeloʾ
4a Marcelino O.K. you will learn. Tell me, José, what is that, whatʾs it called? Maʾalob, jeʾ a kanikeʾexeʾ.
Ma'alob, je'el a kanike'exe'.
Ma'alob, je'el a kanike'exe'.
4b Marcelino Tell me, José, what is that? Aʾal teen José, baʾax le jeʾelo.
A'al teen José, ba'ax le je'elo'.
A'al ten José, ba'ax e je'elo'.
4c Marcelino What's it called? Baʾax u kʾaabaʾ.
Ba'ax u k'aaba'.
Ba'ax u k'àaba'.
5.1 horse tsíimin
5 José Itʾs a horse. Leloʾ un túul tsíimin.
Lelo' un túul tsíimin.
Lelo un tú tsíimin.
6.1 what? baʾaniʾ
6 Marcelino And those, Alberto, what [are they]? Kux leloʾoboʾ Alberto, baʾaniʾ.
Kux lelo'obo' Alberto, ba'ani'.
Kux lelo'obo 'albérto, ba'ani'.
7.1 boy xiʾipal
7.2 and yéetel
7.3 girl x-chʾúupal
7 Alberto A boy and a girl. Un túul xiʾipal yéetel un túul x-chʾúupal.
Un túul xi'ipal yéetel un túul x-ch'úupal.
Un tú xi'ipal yéetel un tú x-ch'úupal.
8.1 he explains [it] ku tsolik
8.2 explain [it]! tsolej
8.3 explain [it] to your older brother! tsol tiʾ a sukuʾun
8.4 they do [it] ku beetikoʾob
8 Marcelino Explain to your brother what theyʾre doing! ¡Tsol tiʾ a sukuʾun baʾax ku beetikoʾob!
¡Tsol ti' a suku'un ba'ax ku beetiko'ob!
¡Tsol tí a suku'un ba'ax ku bèetko'ob!
9.1 something wa baʾax
9.2 heʾs explaining [it] tun tsolik
9 Alberto The boyʾs explaining something to the girl. Le xiʾipaloʾ tun tsolik wa baʾax tiʾ le x-chʾúupaloʾ.
Le xi'ipalo' táan u tsolik wa ba'ax ti' le x-ch'úupalo'.
Le xi'ipalo tún tsolik wá ba'ax tí' le x-ch'úupalo'.
10.1 he shows [it] ku yeʾesik
10.2 show [it]! eʾesej
10.3 show [it] to us! eʾes tiʾ toʾon
10.4 you write [it] ka tsʾíibtik
10.5 how do you write it? bix a tsʾíibtik
10 José Show us how you write "x-chʾúupal!" Eʾes tiʾ toʾon bix a tsʾíibtik x-chʾúupal.
E'es ti' to'on bix a ts'íibtik x-ch'úupal.
E'es tí to'on bix a ts'íibtik x-ch'úupal.
11.1 show him! eʾes tiʾ letiʾ
11.2 write [it]! tsíibtej
11.3 word tʾaan
11 Marcelino Show him how it is, Ramón! Write that word! Eʾes tiʾ bixij, Ramon. Tsʾíibt le tʾaanoʾ.
E'es ti' bixij, Ramon. Ts'íibt le t'aano'.
'E'es tí' bixi Ramon. Ts'íibt le t'àano'.
12.1 this way beyaʾ
12 Marcelino Hereʾs how we write [it]! Bey k tsʾíibtikaʾ.
Bey k ts'íibtika'.
Bey k ts'íibtika'.
13 Marcelino Do you know what thatʾs called? A wojel baʾax u kʾaabaʾ leloʾ.
A wojel ba'ax u k'aaba' lelo'.
A wojel ba'ax u k'àaba' lelo'.
14.1 I suppose (it) that... in tukulikeʾ
14.2 the name of that is... leloʾ u kʾaabaʾeʾ
14.3 young mejen
14.4 chicken kaax
14.5 or wa
14.6 turkey úulum
14 Alberto I think thatʾs called a baby chick or a baby turkey. In tukulikeʾ leloʾ u kʾaabaʾeʾ mejen kaax wa mejen úulum.
In tukulike' lelo' u k'aaba'e' mejen kaax wa mejen úulum.
In tuklike lelo u k'àaba'e' mejen kàax wá mejen 'úulum.
15.1 tell him! aʾal tiʾ letiʾ
15.2 what is it? baʾaxiʾ
15 Marcelino Tell him what is it, José! Aʾal tiʾ baʾaxiʾ, José.
A'al ti' ba'axi', José.
A'al tí' ba'axi, jose.
16.1 he gives [it] ku tsʾáik
16.2 give [it]! tsʾáej
16.3 give [it] (you pl.) tsʾáeʾex
16 José (You plural) Give [it] to me! Tsʾáeʾex tiʾ teen.
Ts'áe'ex ti' teen.
Ts'á'e'ex tí' tèen.
17.1 I ask [it] kin kʾáatik
17.2 ask [it]! kʾáatej
17.3 ask José! kʾáat tiʾ José
17 Marcelino Alberto, ask José what this is called! Alberto, kʾáat tiʾ José baʾax u kʾaabaʾ lelaʾ.
Alberto, k'áat ti' José ba'ax u k'aaba' lela'.
Alberto, k'áat tí jose ba'ax u k'àaba' lela'.
18 Alberto What is this called? Baʾax u kʾaabaʾ lelaʾ.
Ba'ax u k'aaba' lela.
Ba'ax u k'àaba' lela.
19.1 house naj
19 José This is a house. Lelaʾ un pʾéel naj.
Lela' un p'éel naj.
Lela um p'é naj.
20.1 yours a tiʾaʾal
20.2 his u tiʾaʾal
20 Marcelino Is this your house, José, or his? A tiʾaʾal le najaʾ José wa u tiʾaʾal letiʾ.
A ti'a'al le naja' José wa u ti'a'al leti'.
A tí'al le naja jose wá u tí'al leti'.
21.1 mine in tiʾaʾal
21 José [Itʾs] neither mine nor his. Mix in tiʾaʾaliʾ mix u tiʾaʾal letiʾiʾ.
Mix in ti'a'ali' mix u ti'a'al leti'i'.
Mix in tí'ali mix u tí'al letíi'.
22.1 whose? máax tiʾaʾal
22 Marcelino Whose house [is this] then? Máax túun tiʾaʾal le najaʾ.
Máax túun ti'a'al le naja'.
Máax túun tí'al e naja'.
23.1 your house a najil teech
23 José [Itʾs] yours. Itʾs your house. A tiʾaʾal, a najil teech.
A ti'a'al, a najil teech.
A tí'al, 'a nail tèech.
24.1 there is with you yaan tiʾ teech
24 José Alberto, do you have [a] horse? ¿Alberto, yaan teech tsíimin?
¿Alberto, yaan teech tsíimin?
¿'Alberto, yàan tech tsíimin?
25.1 there is yaan
25.2 there is with me yaan tiʾ teen
25 Alberto Yes, I have my horse. Yaan, yaan teen tsíimin.
Yaanyaan teen tsíimin.
Yàan, yàan ten tsìimin.
26.1 there is with him yaan tiʾ letiʾ
26 Marcelino Does your father have a horse, too? ¿A papaeʾ yaan tsíimin xan tiʾ?
¿A papae' yaan tsíimin xan ti'?
¿'A papaje yan tsíimin xan tí'?
27 Alberto Yes. My father has a horse, too. Yaan. Yaan un túul tsíimin tin papa xan.
YaanYaan un túul tsíimin ti' in papa xan.
Yàan. Yàan un túl tsíimin tí im papa xan.
28.1 there is with you (pl.) yaan tiʾ teʾex
28.2 money taakʾin
28.3 a lot of money yaʾab taakʾin
28 Alberto Do you have a lot of money, too? ¿Yaan teʾex yaʾab taakʾin xan?
¿Yaan te'ex ya'ab taak'in xan?
¿Yàan te'ex ya'ab tàak'in xan?
29.1 there is with us yaan tiʾ toʾon
29.2 there is not with us minaʾan tiʾ toʾon
29 José We donʾt have [any] money. Minaʾan toʾon taakʾin.
Mina'an to'on taak'in. 
Mina'an to'on tàak'in.
30 Marcelino How about your (pl.) older brother? Does he have any money? Kux a sukuʾuneʾex. ¿Yaan taakʾin tiʾ?
Kux a suku'une'ex. ¿Yaan taak'in ti'?
Kux a suku'une'ex. ¿Yàan tàak'in tí'?
31 Alberto My older brother doesnʾt have any money, either. Mix in sukuʾun yaan taakʾin tiʾ.
Mix in suku'un yaan taak'in ti'.
Mix in suku'un yàan tàak'in tí'.
32 Alberto We donʾt have any money yet. Láiliʾ minaʾan toʾon taakʾineʾ.
Láili' mina'an to'on taak'ine'.
Láili' mina'an to'on tàak'ine'.
33.1 years años
33.2 how many years are with you? jay pʾéel años yaan teech
33 Marcelino Tell me, José, how old are you? Aʾal teen José, jay pʾéel años yaan teech.
A'al teen José, jay p'éel años yaan teech.
A'al ten jose, jay p'é 'anyos yàan tech.
34.1 twenty-two veintidós
34 José I am twenty-two. Veintidós años yaan teen.
Veintidós años yaan teen.
Béintidòos 'anyos yàan ten.
35.1 marriage; get married tsʾoʾokol beel
35.2 he is to get married yan u tsʾoʾokol u beel
35.3 ended tsʾokaʾan
35 Marcelino Are you married? (Is your road ended?) Tsʾokaʾan wáa a beel.
Ts'oka'an wáa a beel.
Ts'oka'an wá beel.
36.1 Iʾm married tsʾokaʾan in beel
36.2 wife atan
36.3 she just went táant u bineʾ
36 José Yes, but my wife isnʾt here. She just left. Tsʾokaʾan in beel pero in wataneʾ minaʾan wayeʾ. Táant u bineʾ.
Ts'oka'an in beel pero in watane' mina'an waye'.Táant u bine'.
Ts'oka'an im bèel peroj in watane mina'an waye'. Táant u bine'.
37.1 children hijos
37 Marcelino Do you have children? ¿Yaan teech a hijos?
¿Yaan teech a hijos?
¿Yan tech a 'ìijos?
38.1 daughter hija
38.2 son hijo
38.3 baby chaambal
38 José Only two. One girl and one boy--a baby. Chéen kaʾa túul. Un túul hija yéetel un túul hijo, un túul chaambal.
Chéen ka'a túul. Un túul hija yéetel un túul hijo, un túul chaambal.
Chen ka'a túul. 'Un túul 'ìijaj y étel 'un túul 'ìijoj, 'un túul chaampal.
39.1 year jaʾab
39.2 with them tiʾ letiʾoʾob
39 Marcelino How old are they? Jay pʾéel jaʾab yaan tiʾ letiʾoʾob.
Jay p'éel ja'ab yaan ti' leti'o'ob.
Jay p'é ja'ab yàan tí' letiob.
40.1 eighteen dieciocho
40.2 month mes
40.3 months meses
40.4 there is with her yaan tiʾ
40 José The girl of mine is eighteen months old. Le in hijaeʾ, dieciocho meses yaan tiʾ.
Le in hijae', dieciocho meses yaan ti'.
Le in 'ìijae' dyésiòocho meses yàan tí'.
41.1 small son chan hijo
41.2 weeks semanas
41.3 about míin
41.4 thirty treinta
41.5 days días
41.6 little chichan
41 José The little boy, Alberto, is only four weeks--heʾs about thirty days old. [Heʾs] very small. Le in chan hijo, Albertoʾ, chéen cuatro semanas, míin treinta días yaan tiʾ letiʾ. Jach chichan.
Le in chan hijo, Alberto', chéen cuatro semanas, míin treinta días yaan ti' leti'. Jach chichan.
Le in chan 'ìijoj, 'Alberto', chen kwatro cemàanáas, mín trèeinta diáas yàan tí leti'. Jach chichan.
42.1 it happens ku yúuchul
42.2 it happens to you ku yúuchul tiʾ teech
42.3 whatʾs happening to you? baʾax ku yúuchul teech
42 Marcelino Whatʾs wrong (whatʾs happening to you), José? Baʾax ku yúuchul teech, José.
Ba'ax ku yúuchul teech, José.
Ba'ax k yuchu tech jose.
43.1 itʾs aching táan u chiʾibal
43.2 tooth koj
43 Marcelino Is your tooth aching? Táan wu chiʾibal a koj.
Táan wáa u chi'ibal a koj.
Táan wu chi'ibal a koj.
44.1 head pool
44 José I have a bad headache. Iʾm anxious to get to sleep. (Iʾm sleepy.) Jach tun chiʾibal in pool. Taak in wenel.
Jach táan u chi'ibal in pool. Taak in wenel.
Jach tun chi'ibal im pòol. Tàak in wenel.
45.1 Iʾll take him jeʾ in bisikeʾ
45.2 to his house tu najil
45 Alberto Iʾll take him to his house. Jeʾ in bisik tu najileʾ.
Je'el in bisik ti' u najile'.
Je im bisik tu naile'.
46.1 guard [it]! kanáantej
46.2 feet ook
46.3 night áakʾab
46 Marcelino Watch your step! Itʾs gotten dark. ¡Kanáant a wook! Tsʾu yáakʾabtal.
¡Kanáant a wook! Ts'o'ok u yáak'abtal.
¡Kanáant a wòok! Ts'u yáak'abtal.
47.1 become night áakʾabtal
47.2 flashlight foco
47.3 thank you dios boʾotik
47 José Well, I have a flashlight. Thank you (pl.) very much. Pues, yaan in foco. Jach dios boʾotik teʾex.
Pues, yaan in foco. Jach dios bo'o[l]tik te'ex.
Pwes, yan in fòokoj. Jach dyos bo'otik te'ex.
48.1 youʾre welcome mix baʾal
48.2 good night! buenas noches
48 Marcelino Youʾre very welcome. Good night! Jach mix baʾal. Buenas noches.
Jach mix ba'al. Buenas noches.
Jach mix ba'al. Bwenas nòoches.