Lesson 5: Conversation


Jose asks Alberto what they are going to do. Alberto suggests learning more Maya. He asks Jose the names of a number of things in sight. Jose gives the names. Alberto asks whose property several things are, and Jose gives the answers [use all the non-person nouns you know as possessed items, and several person-nouns as possessors].


Alberto calls to Jose to come and asks him what a certain thing is. Jose says he doesn't know, but is anxious to know. He tells Alberto to ask Marcelino. Alberto asks Marcelino to please explain what the thing is. Marcelino says it is only a coin ['un p'éel taak'in] and asks if it belongs to Alberto or Jose. Alberto says he thinks it belongs to Ramon's wife. He suggests they go to Ramon's house. All agree.


Marcelino is talking with Pablo and asks if he's married. Pablo confirms that he is, but says neither his wife nor his children are here. Marcelino asks how many children he has. Pablo says he has only two, one boy and one girl. He says his son is very small. Marcelino asks the name of his son. His name is David. The girl's name is Luisa. Luisa is twenty-two months old and has [already] learned Maya, and Pablo says she knows only a little, but she is anxious to learn more.


Alberto meets Jose and asks what's troubling him. Jose says he has a toothache. Where is he going, Jose asks. To his house, replies Alberto. He wants to sleep. Alberto observes that it is already night and asks whether Jose has a flashlight. The men depart with appropriate words.